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The Goodyear Blimp has become an iconic marketing image, seared in the memory of anyone who has witnessed photographs or videos of it. With a history spanning over 120 years, Goodyear has been reliably developing tires for the passenger car market, and has become a global juggernaut.

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Regarded as one of the top 4 tire manufacturers in the industry, their prodigious designs serve a variety of functions, and are built for long-lasting durability. The following review is in reference to the Goodyear Tire reviews available on our website; specifically dealing with individual Goodyear offerings.

Why Buy Goodyear?

  • Ample Variety

Whether you drive a car, minivan, truck, or an SUV, there is always a Goodyear offering that will perfectly fit your vehicle. No matter where you’re driving, be it highways or desolate country roads, there is a Goodyear tire that will satisfy your needs.

The company designs a plethora of tires to provide solutions for every type of driver; standard, spirited, and hobbyists, each of which have a different use in mind when purchasing a tire. Goodyear designs are available in the budget category, as well as ultra-high performance tires that are priced accordingly.

The company is focused on catering to the varying needs of their customers by providing several options. Our Goodyear Tire reviews cover the entire range of Goodyear tires available.

  • Technological Innovations

The sheer number of competitors in the tire industry are a cause for concern; increasing the need for innovation and incorporating technology into tire designs, to continue to stay on top.

The 21st century consumer is knowledgeable enough to demand newer variants that provide more features than their older models. Goodyear continuously innovates on design materials, and features, in an effort to create the best tires available.

The company’s range of technology includes Run on Flat Technology, and DuPont Kevlar, to name a few. This increases the durability, and the longevity of the tire; providing many miles, as well as the ability to roll, even after suffering a puncture. These technologies are considered in our Goodyear Tire reviews and factor into the final rating we prescribe.

  • Superior Quality

Even after adding multiple technologies to a tire, Goodyear strives to continually facilitate the customer experience. For the tire giant, rigorous testing is a key component of their business process.

Goodyear sets itself a high criterion when testing its latest designs. The manufacturer is always looking to create the greatest tires, which require thorough testing before being unveiled to the market.

The engineers at Goodyear perform as many as 50 different tests on each new tire design, to evaluate how they perform in real-world conditions. These tests will include testing braking parameters, durability, noise, traction, and stability.

Goodyear then allows these tires to be independently tested by third parties, which include notable publications, and organizations that have tire testing experience , and are able to confirm the internal results.

Design Features

  • Low Noise Output

Goodyear creates a comfortable driving experience, as occupants remain undisturbed by vibrations, and the constant loud droning noise that is produced as tires roll over uneven surfaces.

The company has been able to dampen the noise output of its tires by incorporating Resonance Noise Attenuated silencer grooves in their tire design, which minimize loud vibrations.

The company has further created its sound comfort technology, which incorporates a sound barrier within its tire, enabling them to reduce noise output by up to 50%. We consider low noise output as an important factor in our Goodyear Tire reviews.

  • Handling

A tire purchase decision takes into account the impact a tire will have on the handling of the vehicle. A buyer is interested in whether tires will perform in all weather conditions, whilst providing adequate braking, and, the traction level necessary.

Goodyear introduces technologies such as EfficientGrip; designed with special polymers that increase the amount of grip offered on dry and wet surfaces, due to its boosted microstructure. The use of this technology offers exceptional handling on wet surfaces, without compromising on cornering and braking ability.

  • Tire Durability

Goodyear tires utilized on trucks, and SUV’s are prone to premature wear, tear, and blowouts, as these tires negotiate challenging terrains.

In an effort to counter harsh terrain, and provide long-lasting tires, Goodyear incorporates basic features, such as debris ejectors, and goes as far as to design tires with its Silent Armor, and DuPont Kevlar technology. Kevlar is the fabric used in the construction of bulletproof vests; its utilization in tires increases its resilience; enabling the tire to stave off bruising, and cuts from jagged rocks.

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Commitment To Change

Goodyear tire reviews will never mention sustainability practices incorporated by the tire manufacturer. However, a brief discussion here is necessary. Through research performed at its Innovation Centre, Goodyear has discovered that the use of soybean oil in tires can increase tread life by 10%.

This has the added advantage of foregoing the use of petroleum-based oils; decreasing its dependence by almost 7 million gallons. Furthermore, the use of soybean oil was found to easily mesh with rubber, which will improve plant efficiency, and result in reduced gas emissions.

  • Safer Driving

Goodyear recognizes that road safety, and following traffic guidelines, helps save lives by reducing automobile accidents.

In an effort to be an agent of change, the company has partnered with several organizations, such as the European Driving Association, to inform young people of correct driving practices.

Industry Recognition

  • Award for Innovation and Excellence

Goodyear was awarded the Environmental Achievement of the Year award; in 2018, at the Tire Technology Expo in Germany.

The company’s successful research into designing soybean oil that could be incorporated in the tread compound of tires – instead of the traditional oil that is petroleum based – was deemed worthy of this recognition

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