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Ohtsu Tires is a sub-brand of Falken, which in turn is a subsidiary of Sumitomo Tires. Falken was already manufacturing high-quality tires for the American market, when the sub-brand was launched in the United States to capture a greater percentage of the market.

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Tires manufactured by Ohtsu are considered as good designs which offer comfortable driving, along with responsive steering. This is a brand which manufactures a variety of tires specifically for the budget range. Both; parent and subsidiary, operate in tandem to capture different segments.

Consider reading an individual Ohtsu Tires review to ascertain how each tire ranks in comparison to other brands.

Why Buy Ohtsu Tires?

  • Value for Money

The brand manufactures tires for budget-conscious drivers that do not want to spend several hundred dollars on tires. The brand’s designs are inexpensive, and assumptions in regard to its tires being substandard are expected.

However; Ohtsu, being the subsidiary of a global industry leader has no room for complacency, as the brand strives to create quality tires. Its tires share features and capabilities with tires manufactured by competitors in the same price range. Its tires offer great value for money which should be considered by drivers that do not have a strict budget.

  • Options to choose from

Some manufacturers create highly specialized tires; instead of an entire product line they focus on creating a specific type of tire, either for road use or competitive racing.

Ohtsu creates tires for the passenger-car, and truck tire market. Its tires can be mounted on sedans, pickups, SUV’s, Minivans, and many others. Furthermore, its catalog includes tires designed with features that provide all-terrain, and all-season capabilities. The availability of several options provides owners with varying vehicle types the ability to mount a complete set of Ohtsu tires.

Design Features

  • Handling

Handling is an important factor which is enhanced through the tire’s quality. The use of premium raw materials, and innovative designs help increase a tire’s overall functionality.

Ohtsu manufactures its entire product line with features that improve a vehicle’s handling competency. The inclusion of a directional tread design; with accompanying shoulder sipes and grooves, increases the traction and steering response over various terrain types. Dry pavements, wet roads, and snow-covered roads – none can impede the functionality of vehicles outfitted with the tires manufactured by the brand.

  • Durability

Durability; coupled with affordability, creates the perfect combination, and is exactly what Ohtsu offers. Its models vary in mileage, providing between 30,000 to 80,000 miles before necessitating a replacement.

A tire can only last that long provided the construction has been meticulously designed. The tire’s internal structure is manufactured with a steel belt, reinforced with a nylon cap ply. Drivers can easily drive over rough terrains without fearing a puncture or bruising, which may cause premature wear and tear. Our Ohtsu Tires reviews have highlighted the impressive durability of its tires

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Ohtsu FP8000

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