Best Falken Tire Reviews

Launched in 1983, Japanese brand Falken is a subsidiary of Sumitomo Rubber Industries, initiated for the purpose of designing tires for passenger cars, trucks, and SUV’s. Falken tires are available in USA, Japan, and even Europe, and are widely considered as one of the best ultra-high-performance tires that can be fitted on a range of vehicles.

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The brand has been able to leverage its participation, and acquired experience in motorsports, to create exceptionally high-quality tires for the average consumer. Falken tires are crafted with racecar-tire technologies that enable superior grip and enhanced handling.

Our previously written Falken Tires review have covered the performance features incorporated in each Falken Tire, paying special mention to how these technologies aid in the enhancement of your vehicle’s abilities.

Why Buy Falken Tires?

  • Experience with Motorsports

The Falken Motorsports team was created in 1985, with their first win occurring as early as 1988 when they won the international Mirage Cup. Since then, Falken has participated in a range of motorsports events such as rally racing, and even the challenging 24 hours of Nürburgring.

Falken’s desire to participate can be broken down into two reasons. The first, in order to position itself as a brand that creates high-performance tires for race cars; and the second, to learn about the new design technologies and improvements that can be incorporated into its tire designs.

Over the years, Falken has been successful at doing both. It has won numerous racing events and have added valuable knowledge gained through racing in the tires it designs for standard consumers.

  • Specially Designed

Most tire manufacturers design several tires for each vehicle type; sedans, trucks, and SUV’s. This can be further broken down to specific season tires such as All-season, summer and winter tires, as well as terrain specific tires.

A cursory look through a store will reveal that Falken, has a few tires available in each category, offering the best options without bombarding the customer with numerous possibilities. However, it is worth nothing that the condensed selection of tires does not mean that Falken tires are lacking in any way.

Falken differentiates itself by crafting specially designed tires to satisfy a few choice consumer groups of its targeted market. Each tire has a complete range of performance enhancing features that meet the demanding challenges posed by varying terrains and climates. Our Falken Tire reviews have covered a wide variety of tire designs from Falken.

  • No Compromise on Quality

With over 36 years of experience in designing tires for consumers and the motorsports industry, Falken understands that no compromises can be struck when it comes to quality. Users demand a flawless tire that performs similar to how it is presented in promotional material.

Falken tires have been able to develop, and perfect a manufacturing technique that it refers to as Neo-T01. This production process is entirely computer controlled, and involves a metal mold of a specific tire design around which tread and sidewall material is precisely wrapped.

This increases the precision with which the tire is designed, eliminating any overlapping, or deformation that may occur during manual construction. The process helps consistently create uniform tires that do not vary in quality, shape, or size.

Design Features

  • Low Noise

Falken tires incorporate smart design elements that eliminate the noise output of tires, which lead to unpleasant driving experiences.

The engineers at Falken have developed Silent Core technology, which minimizes noise produced as tires roll on the ground through an increase in the tire cavity’s resonance.

To counteract the noise produced, Silent Core technology introduces a foam layer consisting of polyurethane, blanketing the inside of the tire’s tread. Without impacting the performance of the tire, the polyurethane manages to reduce noise produced by 10 decibels. Read through our individual Falken Tires review to learn in detail about the noise output produced by each tire.

  • Fuel-Efficient

Falken is known to create high-performance tires, which creates the perception that each tire designed by the manufacturer will result in increased fuel consumption. This however, is false.

The engineers at Falken have studied tires to accurately understand how heat diminishes the performance of a tire, at a molecular level.

To seamlessly reduce noise levels, decrease rolling resistance, and still provide an ultra-high-performance tire, the company has designed its advanced 4D Nanotechnology that reduces heat absorbed. This improves the tire’s rolling resistance and provides increased fuel efficiency. The 4D Nanotechnology helped decrease fuel consumption by up to 5%, while also enhancing the tire’s performance on wet roads.

  • Handling

Falken recognizes that vehicle handling is of utmost concern to both, enthusiasts, and standard users. A tires ability to increase performance gains in these areas is of vital concern. Falken tires have multiple design elements that combined together to greatly improve the vehicle’s overall handling.

Design elements such as a sturdy center rib, are integrated to decrease the wheel spin during heavy acceleration, while still allowing precise control. Others, such as a wide shoulder block design; adopted from motorsports, allows for racecar-like cornering. Lastly, the high-tension build stabilizes the vehicle even at high speeds, allowing drivers to maintain consistent control.

Bestselling Falken Tires

In the last 36 years, the company has created some truly remarkable tires that have provided exceptional traction, and responsive handling. We have listed down some of the best Falken tires that are part of the Falken Tires reviews that we have available on our website.

  • Falken Azenis RT-615K

The Azenis is a beautifully crafted ultra-high-performance summer tire. It features all of the technologies mentioned above to create an extraordinary tire. Offering amazing dry traction, and cornering ability with a precise steering response, this is a great tire to outfit on your vehicle.

  • Falken WildPeak M/T

The WildPeak M/T was designed to allow your trucks, SUVs, and crossovers, maximum mobility on rough terrain unhindered by the fear of damaging your tire or undercarriage. The DURASPEC technology incorporated in this tire increases the sidewall durability. Additionally, the three-ply construction increases the overall sturdiness of the tire. This is the perfect tire to have if you’re looking to drive off-road.

Industry Recognition

Falken’s participation in motorsports events has led to it winning numerous awards that are otherwise not mentioned in our Falken Tires review, but are indicative of the success achieved by the brand.

  • ULTRA4 National Championship

Drivers representing the Falken team competed in the extremely challenging Ultra4 championship and won both 1st, and 3rd place, at the Wild West Motorsports Park. The Falken WildPeak M/T was the tire of choice for their vehicles as it allows for expert maneuverability on harsh terrain, which is what was needed to win.

High Performance Summer

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Falken Azenis RT-615K

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Touring All-Season

Falken Azenis PT-722

Falken Azenis PT-722 AS Plus

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