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The French tire manufacturer Michelin started operations in 1889, in Clermont-Ferrand, France. With over 100 years of experience in tire-manufacturing, Michelin is a world-renowned brand popular for making high-quality tires for all types of vehicles; be it passenger cars, sports, or luxury automobiles.

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Apart from providing tires for the normal consumers, Michelin has become a legendary name in the motorsport industry, through its prominence in Formula 1, Moto GP, and Rally racing. Vehicles equipped with Michelin tires have won numerous Grand Prix’s, and races, over the last 100 years.

Most Michelin tire reviews on the internet focus on individual tire designs created by the manufacturer. Through this article, we seek to cover the Michelin brand in its entirety, and the range of features that come loaded within their tires. Apart from that, we cover what differentiates Michelin from other brands in the tire market.

What Sets Them Apart?

  • Rigorous Testing

Michelin, having developed good-will amongst its base, is aware that the consumers’ purchase decision factors lay in their desire for a safe and stable driving experience.

Michelin satisfies this need at the design and testing stage; first, by choosing the right, durable materials, and then through rigorous testing. With as many as 1.1 billion miles of longevity and endurance testing per annum in varying temperatures, Michelin tests tires in speeds of up to 280mph, to ensure that the end product will meet the safety expectations of the consumer.

  • Manufacturer Trust

Vehicle manufacturers look for a reliable tire that will be able to extract the highest performance from their designed vehicle. The fact that Michelin is a supplier for leading car manufacturers displays the trust it enjoys from other industry leaders.

Michelin is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) supplier for companies such as Porsche, Ferrari, Jaguar, Audi and Mercedes-Benz, to name a few. The Michelin tire reviews listed on our website have been fitted on similar leading automobile brands.

  • Continuous Improvement

Michelin performs organization-wide undertakings, in an effort to create the finest products that account for overall customer satisfaction. It takes into account minute details, and considerations that affect the end consumer.

The Michelin Total Performance philosophy is a commitment that sees Michelin use data collected from its research centers, and racing team only to apply these different learnings in their consumer tires; creating the best product.

Design Features

  • Low Noise Output

Michelin Tire Reviews will inform you that driving comfort is negatively impacted as the car moves on uneven and cracked roads. Additionally, the friction between the road and the tire creates audible noises.

Michelin understands that drivers and passengers want a pleasant driving experience devoid of loud, and distracting sounds.

Michelin Acoustic Technology (MAT) is the brand’s attempt at designing tires that minimize the noise output of the vehicle – reducing acoustics by 20%. The technology muffles the vibrations of the car through a customized polyurethane foam solution. The decrease in vibrations leads to a more comfortable, and stress-free driving experience, without any compromise on overall utility.

  • Superior Handling

Aggressive research, and testing, has to be undertaken to discover technologies, and materials that can be harnessed to improve the quality of the product, and enhance its functionality.

Michelin performs this rigorous testing in its research centers, and has innovated many different technologies that increase the handling parameters of their tires.

One such example is the Helio+ technology that has a perfected sunflower with silica gel-infused tread compound, which improves steering control in snowy, and wet conditions.

Furthermore, Michelin through its learnings, from participating in international racing events, has created Variable Contact Patch 3.0 technology that distributes pressure, and temperature, evenly across the surface of the tire. This allows the vehicle to perform sharp turns at greater speeds.

  • Durability

Michelin recognizes that the average consumer considers a tire purchase as a long term investment. With the tire providing a stable and comfortable driving experience over the course of many miles driven.

Michelin designs their tires with strong shoulder blocks, and sturdy sidewalls that are able to deflect rocks, and other debris, from gravely damaging the functionality of the tire.

The manufacturer designs its truck, and SUV tires, with debris ejectors that propel debris away and clean themselves with consistent use. These design features combine to increase the mileage of the tires greatly. Our Michelin tire reviews specially mention the durability aspects of each Michelin tire.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Michelin, as a global tire powerhouse understands the responsibility it owes to both its consumers, as well as the environment. In this regard, Michelin adopts corporate practices that seek to impact its surroundings positively.

  • Sustainability Efforts

The multiple manufacturing plants, and facilities that are owned by Michelin have adopted alternative power production methods, such as wind and solar energy, foregoing the use of fossil fuels.

Michelin goes a step further by designing tires that are 100% recoverable, and after being discarded can be utilized in other ways.

Michelin promotes the protection of ecology, as it looks to replant, and treat, rubber-producing Hevea trees, for its Bahia, Brazil plantation. These are facts that are otherwise not mentioned in other Michelin tire reviews.

  • Partnership with Yellowstone National Park

Michelin has been a major business partner of the Yellowstone National Park (YNP) since 2008. It believes that one of America’s biggest national parks; featuring breathtaking topography, geysers, hot springs, and wildlife, needs the help of a large corporation.

Michelin provides the YNP its services by donating over 1000 tires to outfit the parks’ 800 vehicles, allowing park rangers the ability to monitor the park premises with ease. The company’s assistance has allowed the park to save as much as $300,000 worth of expenses every year.

Industry Recognition

  • The European Inventor Award 2018

Two Michelin engineers received the European Inventor Award for creating a new tire material called Regenion. This is a self-regenerating tread, as the tire degrades through wear and tear, hidden grooves appear to provide consistent grip throughout the useful life of the tire. This material has the added benefit of decreasing the fuel consumption of the vehicle, due to its decreased rolling resistance.


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