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Lexani is a sub-brand of Nexen Tires, a South Korean tire company that manufactures Lexani’s tires in its Korean factories. The brand is famous for making visually striking wheels for high-end luxury vehicles and has only recently started manufacturing tires.

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The brand purposely designs low profile tires to perfectly complement their range of wheels; expecting customers to purchase both, the Lexani wheel (the rotund structure) and tire together. The emphasis on maintaining the aesthetic extends to its tire designs, which are beautifully manufactured with aggressive tread patterns and grooves, highlighting any vehicle outfitted with them.

The company panders to a niche by focusing on looks over performance features, and goes a step further by positioning its designs in the budget to the mid-tier range. Its tire’s performance is similar to most Asian-manufactured tires in the price range, performing capably with no outstanding results. Read our Lexani Tires review for in-depth reviews on each tire.

Why Buy Lexani Tires?

  • Affordability

Affordable tires are a God-send for customers that must remain within their means, and cannot afford to splurge on a premium set of tires. If you want to purchase an economical yet aesthetic tire, then Lexani’s offerings are perfect for you.

The brand offers 8 solid passenger car tires targeted towards budget-minded individuals. Even its high-performance tires are priced lower than competitor offerings, allowing you to equip your vehicle with a full set of its tires within a modest sum. The brand’s tires provide good grip, decent handling, adequate braking, and acceleration -making the value proposition fantastic.

  • Aesthetic

It is no secret that the brand is primarily concerned with the visual aesthetic more than performance gains. The brand was designing alloy wheels before it was manufacturing tires, and goes further by pairing its tire designs as supplementary purchases with its rims.

If you’re concerned with making your BMW or Mercedes-Benz stand out with low profile tires, then you can’t go wrong with purchasing a Lexani tire. The brand sells three types of tires: passenger, performance, and truck tires. With each variant immaculately detailed to show off your vehicle.

Design Features

  • Handling

The brand will not be winning awards any time soon, for offering exceptional handling. Lexani manufactures tires that marginally increase the grip and traction afforded to drivers.

The company designs its tires with tread compounds integrated with symmetric tread patterns to offer capable handling on both dry and wet conditions. It also incorporates design elements such as wide shoulder blocks, allowing drivers to corner at great speeds while remaining stable.

  • Durability

Tire mileage and overall build quality are topics of concern for every driver. Lexani ensures its designs offer worthy mileage on top of their low prices.

Tire wear is negatively impacted by debris build-up, to counter this its designs feature deep voids that clean themselves. Lexani utilizes a cut and chip resistant tread compound to mitigate premature wear and tear. The manufacturer incorporates solid shoulder lugs to add extra protection for each model. Our Lexani Tires reviews have affirmed that its tires successfully meet the promised 40,000 mileage.



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Lexani LX-Nine

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Lexani LX-Seven


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Lexani LX-Thirty

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