Pro Comp Tire Reviews

Pro Comp USA has been manufacturing an extensive line of accessories for drivers since 1992, which include wheel kits, shocks, lights, and several other items. In 1998, the company began manufacturing specialty truck tires geared towards off-road enthusiasts.

The company has provided tires to motorsports teams that actively participate in grueling competitions. It uses the experience gained from such competitions to craft the perfect consumer tire. Pro Comp is renowned for designing durable tires that provide mobility over the toughest terrain conditions drivers can hope to negotiate.

We have published several Pro Comp Tires reviews in an effort to inform our audience of the performance they can expect from tires manufactured by the brand.

Why Buy Pro Comp Tires?

  • Motor Sports Experience

Participation in the motor sports industry is no mean feat, a company that puts itself up against competing brands runs the risk of exposing itself as substandard tire manufacturer, lacking quality designs.

Pro Comp partakes in competitions as evidence to the fact that its designs are high-quality constructions, and have the ability to beat the competition.

When purchasing a tire for your truck, or SUV you can remain satisfied with your purchase as it showcases features incorporated through the knowledge gained in motorsports.

  • Warranty

Pro Comp provides varying tread-wear warranties on each of its tire, with a minimum of 40,000 miles and a maximum of 60,000 miles. The brand seeks to alleviate the concerns of drivers by guaranteeing every purchase.

Furthermore, the brand offers what it dubs as the ’60 Day Ride Assurance’. In essence, they allow drivers to return the tire at any time during the 60 day period if unsatisfied. A full refund will be offered, which can be utilized to buy another tire. In addition to this the brand offers Forever Warranty on certain models, which states that any manufacturing defect in a tire is grounds for an immediate replacement, free of charge.

Design Features

  • Durability

Tires have certain weak areas that when designed imprudently remain exposed and prone to sustaining damage, which can result in an immediate puncture.

The brand pays great attention to detail, in its effort to create long-lasting tires. Its tires have solid side holder lugs that increase their puncture resistance. Debris build up, which reduces the useful life of tires, is countered by the integration of the rock rejection ribs that dislodge pebbles and dirt.

Finally, the internal construction includes a heavy-duty three-ply construction creating a solid sidewall, which negates damage through abrasions and protruding edges. Our Pro Comp Tires reviews have affirmed the great durability of the majority of its tires.

  • Grip

Specialty tires designed for the truck market must ensure they have a wealth of design elements that increase the overall handling of the vehicle.

Pro comp tires have the requisite features that greatly improve the measure of handling, through specially formulated compounds, grooves, and staggered designs. The brands tires are recognized for enhancing the steering response and traction on offer to drivers.

Light Truck / SUV / Crossover

Pro Comp A/T Sport

Pro Comp Radial Xtreme All Terrain 

Pro Comp Xterrain

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