Sentury Tire Reviews

Sentury Tires is a Chinese tire manufacturer, known for producing quality designs intended for sedans, minivans, SUV’s, and crossovers. The company has production facilities in both China and Thailand, with future plans to start production in the United States and satisfy demand in over 150 countries.

The company was recently ranked the 50th largest manufacturer in the tire industry with a competitive strategy aimed at the manufacturing of inexpensive tires. It believes it should operate in a market which does not have a clear favorite, with several tire companies offering budget tires. By manufacturing affordable tires for several vehicle types, it seeks to capture a greater percentage of the market.

Sentury also manufactures tires through several sub-brands such as Delinte, Landsail, Pantera, and GroundSpeed – with each brand designing specialized tires. Our Sentury Tires reviews have covered its passenger car and truck models, which you should consider reading for in-depth information.

Why Buy Sentury Tires?

  • Affordability

One of the most attractive factors that Sentury Tires boasts is that of affordability. A complete set of passenger car radials can be purchased for less than $600, which is an inexpensive amount.

The brand seeks to please its customers by offering great mobility and steering response, which is a blessing for tires in this price range. Its tires should be considered if you do not have the budget to afford premium tires from the bigger names in the industry.

  • Multi-Purpose

Sentury manufactures tires optimized for varying terrain and weather conditions. It manufactures all-season, winter, truck, and ultra-high performance tires.

By offering a variety of designs, the manufacturer caters to a majority of the customers that seek budget tires for specific purposes. Each of its designs are capable enough to work as intended, offering performance that is far above average.

Design Features

  • Handling & Comfort

In the offered price range, it is difficult to expect multiple features that improve performance. Sentury, on the other hand, incorporates the use of a high-performance tread compound along with asymmetric tread patterns.

Together these elements provide precision control and an increased handling response on both dry and wet roads. Additionally, the brand creates tires with a large shoulder block, allowing drivers to drive around corners at high speeds without fearing a loss of traction.

An accompanying center rib reduces braking distances while also providing a stable driving experience. The brand incorporates the use of a 5-rib tread pattern, which enables a comfortable ride due to a reduction in the number of vibrations felt by the vehicle’s occupants while further improving steering responsiveness. Our Sentury Tires reviews have found its tires to offer excellent comfort and handling for its price range.

Sentury Tire Review

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