Fuzion Tire Reviews

Fuzion Tires is a sub-brand owned by Bridgestone. Tires sold under the Fuzion banner are marketed as budget tires that lack both; visual appeal, and significant performance functionalities. Instead the tires are primarily considered as good, budget-oriented replacement tires.

Additionally, only 3 distinct tires are offered in a multitude of sizes, there is an Ultra-high-performance touring tire, standard touring tire, and an SUV tire. Bridgestone has positioned Fuzion Tires as an affordable tire brand, dedicated towards creating decent tires which provide average performance. The parent company manufactures Fuzion tires in China and exports them to the U.S while utilizing its American facilities to create premium tires under the Bridgestone name.

Our Fuzion Tires reviews have found its tires to be good affordable tires that can be utilized as replacement options if you’re on a tight budget.

Why Buy Fuzion Tires?

  • Value for Money

If you’re financially overstretched, and cannot afford a good mid-range or premium tire model, you should consider purchasing a Fuzion tire. You can stay within your budget and equip your vehicle with its tires; a competent substitute, providing basic mobility.

The brand offers tires that are inexpensive with a no-frills attitude. Competing brands in the budget range will design their models with some aesthetic appeal. Fuzion foregoes the inclusion of even visual signage, showcasing a truly economic model. The brand makes no excuses about what its tires provide, and, its designs offer great value for money.

  • Features

Even in its given price range, Fuzion manufactures proficient tires with the now-standard twin steel belt base construction, reinforced with a nylon cap ply. The tread compound is infused with silica gel, and the tire’s external design has patterned grooves and siping.

The complete bells and whistles included in its tires are similar to design features incorporated within premium tires. However, the performance of its designs can’t compete with premium high-performance tires. It is noteworthy to consider that the brand has incorporated these features in a bid to create versatile tires to please price-conscious drivers.

Design Features

  • Handling

Tires sold by the brand incorporate design features such as the aforementioned siping and grooves, which evacuate water and allow the footprint to remain dry. Drivers can brake consistently at normal speeds during wet conditions, and maintain adequate grip in corners. However, the tires’ ability to corner at high speeds is just average.

The handling performance of Fuzion tires on dry, wet, and even snow-covered roads does not produce extraordinary results. The tires are not meant to offer expert handling on any road surface; instead, they include these features to allow drivers sufficient performance gains. Drivers are able to drive capably without the fear of veering off. Our Fuzion Tires reviews have affirmed these findings, with its tires offering ‘good enough’ cornering and braking ability.

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