Pathfinder Tire Reviews

Pathfinder Tires is a private label brand, and its tires are manufactured by the Korean company, Kumho Tires. The Korean manufacturer is known for its high-quality designs rendered through extensive research and development. The brand’s tires include light truck, and SUV tires, priced inexpensively.

The tires are sold through Discount tires stores located all over the United States, and their online portal

The company has outsourced production after recognizing the significance of trucks and SUV’s being popular modes of transportation for the American consumer. Having its own truck tire line for the budget segment is very lucrative.

Consider reading our Pathfinder Tires review to inform yourself of the benefits offered by each tire.

Why Buy Pathfinder Tires?

  • Affordability

A reason to consider purchasing a Pathfinder tire is how inexpensive its tires are. Its tires are intended as replacement options for drivers that are on a budget.

A standard variant sells for as low as $110, allowing you to purchase a complete set of tires for your SUV within $500 which is an extremely economical figure. On average a complete set of truck tires can cost upwards of $1000. Whether you’re looking to replace a single tire or buy a complete set, this is a great budget brand to consider.

  • Price to Performance Ratio

It is unreasonable to expect performance levels on par with premium or even mid-range tires. Its tires offer good build quality with above average performance increases.

Drivers cannot expect to turn at high speeds or have precision steering but can expect capable and consistent mobility without the fear of your vehicle slipping and losing control. The light truck tires manufactured by the brand offer a great blend of on-road and off-road driving capabilities, offering a great value proposition.

Design Features

  • Durability

Truck tires must be strong enough to withstand the load of the vehicle, as well as the bumps and cracks on road surfaces. Pathfinder’s tires feature design elements that are commonly found on premium truck tires.

The brand’s tires utilize tri-polymer tread compounds that are resistant towards cuts and punctures to increase longevity. The tread is comprised of ridges and tapered grooves that self-clean in an effort to preserve tire tread life.

  • Handling

Pathfinder tires provide stability at high-speeds by designing its tires with solid center ribs. Additionally, the brand’s tires have hundreds of miniature sipes located around the tread pattern that allow the tire to grip on wet and snow-covered roads.

The wide circumferential grooves channel water away from the contact patch to ensure tires remain dry, and brake capably. Our Pathfinder Tires review of the Pathfinder Sport S A/T determined that the design offers good off-road traction, as well as on paved roads.

Light Truck / SUV /Crossover

Pathfinder All Terrain

Pathfinder Sport S A/T