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Launched in 1994, Cosmo is a tire manufacturing giant, operating out of facilities spread across Asia. 

The brand is dedicated to delivering “Excellent Quality at the Best Price” and seeks to maintain quality standards by continually auditing their facilities. They also work with a professional engineering staff that oversees all areas of design and construction. 

Cosmo initially focused on offering Truck Bias and Light Truck Bias tires. With time, the tire brand slowly started targeting other markets such as agriculture, industrial and off-road tires. 

In 2009, they launched their series of Radical Truck tires – since then, they have been adding new products to the line, year after year. 

Currently, the tire manufacturer offers Passenger Car Radical tires with different features, sizing etc. and plans on adding All-Terrain, Mud-Terrain and Light Truck tires to their portfolio.  

All Cosmo tires come certified by the ECE, DOT, GCC, CCC, INMETRO, NOM and TS1496.

Why Buy Cosmo Tires?

One Retread Included

Dumping worn out tires in landfills and spending more money to purchase new tires is not something that Cosmo encourages. 

The brand offers every customer at least one retread; the guarantee remains valid for up to three years from the date of manufacture. Since these tires are not serviceable due to an adjustable condition in the base, they come with a casing allowance. 

Road Hazard Warranty

When buying a Cosmo tire, you know you have nothing to worry about when it’s time to get a replacement or make repairs after an accident. 

Cosmo guarantees a full replacement on an unserviceable tire that is a result of road hazard damage. The warranty remains active for up to 25% of tire’s tread life, or for up to one year from the date of the purchase. 

Passenger Vehicle, Truck/Bus Limited Warranty

All Cosmo light truck and passenger tires come with a limited warranty. 

In the event that there are any tire fails due to a defect in workmanship or materials, Cosmo offers a full replacement tire allowance; applicable towards the purchase of a new Cosmo tire. 

Affordable Prices

Anyone in the market for new tires can easily find themselves having to exhaust their savings in order to purchase a new and reliable set. 

Cosmo offers quality tires at affordable rates; each tire category focuses on a particular market and brings customers the performance and durability they need to experience a comfortable ride.

Plenty of Choices

Choosing a set of tires that is best compatible with your vehicle, your daily usage and your budget can be a difficult decision. 

Although Cosmo started off its journey by specializing in truck tires, the brand now offers an extensive range of passenger, regional, urban, off road and long haul tires. 

With each product priced at an affordable rate, users have the luxury to choose from a wide range of models without maxing out their budget. 

Design Features


A tire’s ability to provide good handling means that you have more control over the vehicle. Specifically, Cosmo tires offer smooth rolling assistance and superior handling control.

The Muchomacho, an ultra-high performance passenger tire by Cosmo, performs extremely well under both dry and wet road conditions. 

The tire is designed to adapt well to cold weather and is engineered to deliver greater stability at higher speeds. 

All in all, most Cosmo tires are known to offer good handling control, off-road traction and smooth rolling resistance. 


When it comes to performing on the road, Cosmo promises to deliver a comfortable drive. 

The tires offer plenty of stability even on high speeds; they also are designed to suit different road surfaces and provide superior control in both dry and wet conditions.


Cosmo has plenty to offer; especially when it comes to bringing you value for your money. The tires are designed to last longer and utilize technology to protect against chipping. 

The Cosmo CT588 Plus, for example, is known to deliver high durability. The tire is also extremely durable – making it a perfect fit for driving long distances or on high speeds. This model comes with a unique tread pattern that distributes pressure and focuses on preventing uneven wear and tear while driving. 

Even more, all Cosmo tires are backed with warranties and can be retreaded.

Tires by Cosmo

Passenger Tires

El Jefe H/T
Sexy Beast
Kitty Kat
Chubby Nubby

Long Haul Tires


Regional Tires


On/Off Road Tires


Off Road Tires


Urban Tires


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