Kumho Tire Reviews

Kumho is a South Korean tire manufacturer that has been developing quality designs for the last 60 years. It is a global leader in manufacturing high-quality tires, creating as many as 68 million tires annually.

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The brand has further become the choice for millions of customers over the world. This is because Kumho is an Original Equipment Manufacturer for some of the biggest car companies such as BMW, Mercedez-Benz, and Ford, to name a few.

Our Kumho Tire reviews have covered multiple tire variants designed by Kumho. You can read through them to ascertain whether any particular tire interests you.

Why Buy Kumho Tires?

  • A Complete Range Of Products

Kumho has maintained its position as a renowned global brand by crafting an extensive range of tires for the consumer market.

Kumho’s tires cater to many a market, some of its categories consist of ultra-high-performance tires that are featured in racing competitions the world over. The manufacturer also satisfies the standard consumer demand by crafting all-season tires for sedans and minivans, in addition to winter and off-road tire options for all types of vehicles.

  • Continuous Improvement

Kumho is striving to continuously improve upon existing designs, and craft new technologies to incorporate in future tires.

Kumho has taken this approach to a global level by creating multiple research and development centers located in Asia, Europe, and the U.S. The drive to foster innovation has led to Kumho developing many technologies and materials that can be used to improve driving characteristics.

New breakthroughs have yielded rubber compounds that optimize driving, and tire construction methods, improving the overall quality of the tire. The published Kumho Tire reviews available on our website stress the benefits offered by each technology when incorporated in a tire.

  • Expanding Performance

Kumho is known for making budget tires for a complete range of vehicle types. The price differentiation that Kumho competes with does not take away from the excellent performance offered by their tires.

Kumho tires perform exceptionally well on all surfaces; dry, wet, or snow, the terrain is unable to hinder vehicles powered by Kumho tires. The state-of-the-art technology incorporated in the brand’s tires such as silica infused tread compounds, coupled with heat minimizing 3D designs further enhance the performance of the tire.

Our Kumho Tire reviews discuss the performance benefits that each variant of the brand’s tire provides.

Design Features

  • Comfort

The Korean manufacturer designs tires that strike a perfect balance between driving comfort, and road grip to create a solid offering. This is the cornerstone behinds Kumho’s innovations such as ESCOT, which optimizes braking, and improves the steering response.

Kumho designs quality-of-life features, such as the XRP technology that is able to withstand a tire puncture with its special rubber compound, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable drive without fearing jumps, cracked roads, or debris.

  • Handling

Kumho designs its tires with multiple features that increase the handling potential of the vehicle. Numerous features have to be incorporated to improve handling on straight lines, and during high-speed cornering.

The process starts with Kumho utilizing advanced silica gel throughout the contact patch of the tire to increase the traction on dry and wet surfaces. The center rib provides stability, and grip during straight-line sprints. Lastly, tread, and shoulder blocks are leveraged to provide high-speed cornering ability on the sharpest of turns.

Read our Kumho Tire reviews if you’d like to learn more about Kumho’s technologies that advance the handling characteristics of vehicles.

  • Longevity

Kumho is the perfect choice when deciding to buy a tire that is economically priced, and provides extensive treadwear warranties.

Kumho tires on average will provide a warranty between 40,000 – 80,000 miles. The brand is able to guarantee an accurate useful treadwear life measure, through stringent testing performed in real-world driving, and not on test-tracks or computer simulations.

Another important factor to consider along with the durability is that Kumho tires are valued significantly cheaper than similar counterparts, further increasing the appeal of tire variants designed by the company.

Bestselling Kumho Tires

With several years of manufacturing expertise, Kumho has managed to create several noteworthy tire designs. We list down only a few of the best Kumho Tires that you can outfit your vehicle with.

  • Kumho Ecsta MX Run Flat KU15

The Ecsta MX incorporates run-flat technology to keep delivering even after suffering a puncture. The quality of the tire further bolsters the technology, as these ultra-high-performance tires are meant for sports cars and are designed for endurance.

To satisfy enthusiasts, tires have been manufactured with tread compounds that increase traction in all-weather conditions. Other features include shoulder blocks, and four-wide circumferential grooves, along with lateral grooves that channel water away from the footprint. These are great high-performance tires to consider if you drive a sports vehicle.

  • Kumho Sense

Kumho Sense is a timeless design that is meant for average consumers looking for a solid, long-lasting, and uncomplicated tire to meet their everyday needs.

The Sense is priced affordably and has enough design elements to allow it to maintain grip whilst cornering, and driving on bumpy roads. The tire also showcases smart features that allow it to maintain road grip in all-weather conditions; deftly handling wet, and snow-covered roads. In our Kumho tire review of the Sense, we noted how this tire offers great value for money and is a great rudimentary tire to mount on your sedans, or minivans.

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Environment-Friendly Initiative

Kumho Tires realizes the challenges posed to the environment due to global warming and the risks that it entails for communities worldwide. For this reason, the brand is committed towards a cleaner and healthier environment.

Tires are discarded after use, and this poses a grave risk to the environment as rubber is not biodegradable. Kumho offers its services to endeavors such as Tire Stewardship in Australia, to reduce the number of improperly disposed-off tires.

Industry Recognition

  • iF Design Award 2017

Kumho Tires won the coveted iF Design award, due to its excellence in the design of two tire models. The ECSTA PS71, and a concept tire called the Smasher took home two design awards for being innovative designs that push the envelope


High Performance Summer

Kumho Ecsta LE Sport

Kumho Ecsta MX Run Flat KU15

Kumho Ecsta PS31

Kumho Ecsta PS91

Kumho Ecsta SPT KU31

Kumho Ecsta XS

Touring All-Season

Kumho Ecsta LX Platinum

Kumho Sense

Kumho Solus KH16

Kumho Solus KH25

Kumho Solus TA31

Kumho Solus TA71

High Performance All-Season

Kumho Ecsta 4X II

Kumho Ecsta 4X KU22

Kumho Ecsta AST

Kumho Ecsta ASX

Kumho Ecsta PA31

Standard All-Season

Kumho ecowing KH30

Kumho Solus KR21

Kumho Solus TA11

Kumho Solus Xpert KH20

Winter Tires

Kumho Wintercraft Ice WI31

Light Truck / SUV / Crossover

Kumho Crugen HT51

Kumho Crugen Premium KL33

Kumho Eco Solus KL21

Kumho Ecsta STX

Kumho Mohave AT KL-63

Kumho Road Venture APT KL51

Kumho Road Venture AT51

Kumho Road Venture AT KL78

Kumho Road Venture MT KL71

Kumho Road Venture MT51