Barum Tire Reviews

Based in the Czech Republic, Barum Tires has been manufacturing tires since 1967. The brand merged with German tire-giant Continental in 1993. The association provided Barum with a wealth of experience, competence, and access to highly advanced tire technologies.

The brand makes a fantastic range of tires for passenger, large-commercial, and industrial vehicles. Its passenger-car tires are manufactured with design elements that increase the performance output of the vehicle by enhancing the control and grip on offer.

Furthermore, its tires are priced affordably, as Continental already manufactures premium tires, Barum aims to seal the void left in the budget tire market. The controlling interest utilizes the brand for select distribution, serving the E.U and Russian tire markets. We have published several Barum Tires reviews, which you should consider reading for an in-depth analysis of each model.

Why Buy Barum Tires?

  • Acquired Knowledge

Continental is one of the leading manufacturers from Europe that enjoys global presence, as well as Original Equipment Manufacturer status for many leading automobile companies.

Barum’s partnership allows it to focus on manufacturing quality tires, while advanced research of production techniques and technologies undertaken by Continental are incorporated into its designs. This has already borne fruit with the brand regularly launching new products, and increasing annual production to more than 15 million units.

When purchasing a Barum tire, you know that its standard of quality is on par with those of German manufacturers.

Quality at a Budget

Drivers trust a tire manufacturer that offers well-balanced driving characteristics at an affordable price. The brand delivers on both accounts by manufacturing a great range of budget tires for several vehicle types.

Furthermore, the brand offers specialized winter tires for both sedans, and SUV’s – pricing them significantly lower than competitor options. The brand has spent 70 years in the industry with its acquired experience yielding great quality designs, one after another. It manufactures tires with design features that greatly improve the driving experience for drivers. Our Barum Tires reviews have affirmed the great performance, perfect for budget-minded drivers.

Design Features

  • Handling

Barum’s tires incorporate features such as computer optimized tread designs which allow drivers to perform immediate braking, and maintain traction on dry pavements.

In an effort to increase grip regardless of driving surfaces, its tires feature wide circumferential grooves that evacuate water. To counter winter weather, the brand constructs its tires with biting edges and advanced tread compounds that maintain a consistent grip on snow surfaces.

  • Longevity

The brand increases the contact patch of specific models to lengthen the useful life of the tire. Furthermore, the advanced tread compounds incorporated in Barum’s tire’s construction increases its useful life affording drivers excellent value for money.

Barum Tires manufactures its tires with tread wear indicators allowing drivers to monitor their tire’s condition easily. However, the company doesn’t intend for drivers to make use of this smart feature as tires are meant to last thousands of miles.


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