Transeagle Tire Reviews

As one of the fastest growing companies in the industry, Transamerica Tire Co. Ltd manufactures a variety of tires, especially for heavy vehicles. 

Specifically, it has three brands – Freedom, Hauler and Transeagle – that are known across the US and foreign markets like Canada, Brazil, and Europe. 

All Transeagle tires are specially designed and manufactured to be used in high speed conditions such as highways and motorways. Tailored to support heavier vehicles such as trucks and trailers, these tires have immense road grip, responsive handling and many features that give you more control of your vehicle.

Why Buy Transeagle Tires?

Standard And Safety

Driving large vehicles in difficult weather conditions and terrain with substandard tires is extremely risky. 

To address this concern, Transeagle manufactures all weather tires that come with features like:

  • Wide center rib
  • Steel construction in both sidewalls
  • Wide grooves
  • Upgraded load durability, etc.

Combined, these ensure increased driver safety on highways and motorways along with a comfortable driving experience.

Design Features


Since Transeagle tires are specifically designed for heavier vehicles, they are extremely durable. 

Delivery trucks and trailers are usually loaded with heavy materials and have to cover hundreds of miles to make deliveries, resulting in wear and tear. The situation becomes worse if the tires are of low quality or are not sturdy enough to handle excessive or continuous use. 

This is why it’s important to opt for a trusted brand like Transeagle; these tires are high on durability and easy on the pocket. 

Transeagle tires also come with low rolling resistance that increases efficiency and decreases fuel expense. In the long term, these are also great for the economy as they reduce environmental damage. 

Long Tread Life

Tread wear is still one of the most important factors that you should consider when looking for new – or used – tires. 

Tires by this brand are specially designed with a symmetric ribbed pattern tread that keeps close contact with the road at all times, while decreasing wear and tear in the long run. 

Wide Centre Rib For Road Control

Simply put, wide center ribs make it easier for drivers to steer and drive in muddy or rough terrains.

This is also an essential feature for safety purposes as well; large vehicles can easily get stuck or even topple in muddy areas because of their weight. That’s why owners are advised to choose tires with wide center rib to ensure a smooth and hassle free journey.

Transeagle Best-Sellers

Transeagle ST Radial All Steel Premium Trailer Tire – ST235/85R16 132/127M G (14 Ply)

A favorite amongst owners of large vehicles, ST Radial All Steel Premium Trailer Tires have steel construction on both side of the walls. This provides immense support to vehicles carrying heavy loads such as machinery and other equipment, and prevents undue wear and tear.

The symmetric ribbed pattern and all-season tire compound combined with multi-sipes on these tires improve traction in wet and muddy terrains, and dispel heat properly to increase tread life. 

Wide grooves, on the other hand, decrease rolling resistance which in turn improves driving efficiency. This also stops the vehicle from slipping on wet highways and motorways; something known as hydroplaning.  

Here are some other features of this model:

  • Full nylon and ply construction
  • Symmetric tread design

Transeagle ST Radial All Steel Heavy Duty Premium Trailer Tire – ST225/75R15 121/117M F (12 Ply)

These are high quality nylon and ply tires with a wide center rib for heavy vehicles.

The truck and tire specialists at Transeagle have designed this model for trailers that have to go long miles, sometimes in unfavorable weather conditions. The compound and tread design ensure excellent all-weather traction and prevent hydroplaning.

ST Radial tires are one of the bestsellers from the company; not only do they provide for a smooth driving experience, but they also come with extraordinary road grip for increased safety. 

Here are some other features of ST Radial tires:

  • Symmetric tread design for maintained road contact
  • Closed shoulder ribs
  • Reinforced internal structure

Other Notable Tires By Transeagle

All Position Spread Axle Trailer

  • TS845 

These have premium high scrub tread compound, stone ejector ribs, and low rolling resistance.

Long Haul Steer

  • TS846 

This model comes with premium steer axle ribs and state of the art treat pattern.

Long Haul / Highway And Regional Drive

  • TS848 

Standout features include closed shoulder design for added stability and wear and tear.

Pick-Up And Delivery All-Position

  • TS128 

Eco-friendly tech with low rolling resistance and increased fuel efficiency.


5 thoughts on “Transeagle Tire Reviews

    1. The only trailer tires made in USA are Goodyear. Even the highly regarded Maxxis are China derived. It is the build quality and not the origin that should be the main concern.

  1. I’ve recently read in the RV magazine I subscribe to that many RV owners are having problems with tire failures on the highways, such as blowouts, tread separation, etc. The one comment is the tires were made in China, (aka “China Bombs). I’m about to buy new tires for my 37′ fifth wheel weighing 13,500 lbs and want to make the right tire decision. Your thoughts please.

    1. This manufacturer uses plants in South America or one of several plants in Asian countries. There is no way to tell where these specific tires come from.

      It has proven difficult to get information on the TransEagle tires. However, Load Range F tires usually have a max inflation of 95 psi which is the inflation pressure needed to reach max load for a single axle configuration.

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