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Founded in 1900, in Akron, Ohio, Firestone is a well-renowned and reputed tire manufacturer that has provided for the American tire market, for the past 118 years. The company is known for manufacturing tires for all types of passenger vehicles, SUVs, and trucks.

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Their expertise in manufacturing entails that they create tires to fulfill several different consumer needs such as all-season tires, all-weather, touring, ultra-high performance, off-road and many others.

Firestone enjoyed 75 years as one of the leading tire manufacturing brands in America, while being in a virtual dead heat with archrival Goodyear – until financial instability in the late 1970s forced them into a buyout by the Japanese brand Bridgestone, in 1988. To date, Firestone continues to operate as a subsidiary of Bridgestone.

We have completed multiple Firestone Tire reviews, which talk about individual tire designs crafted by Firestone, in a highly detailed and technically-inclined discussion.

What Sets Them Apart

  • Customer Satisfaction

Firestone differentiated itself from the market by positioning as a consumer-oriented enterprise that must satisfy the unique needs of each client. With this aim in mind, Firestone has crafted, what it dubs as, the “90-Day Buy & Try guarantee”.

Firestone confirms a purchase, and lets you utilize their tires for as many as 90 days. If during that time the tire does not meet customer requirements; and you are left unsatisfied, you can return these tires to receive either a replacement, or a refund.

Such offers provide great convenience as the buyer experiences whether a particular tire will be able to provide them the performance they desire, and if it is worth the amount stated.

  • Able To Handle All Your Needs

Firestone crafts a range of designs that cover the entire spectrum of driving conditions; both of which, standard drivers, and enthusiasts will look to cover.

Firestone crafts all-season tires that work year round, allowing the handling necessary without needing to replace tires for changing seasons. It also caters to frugal buyers who are interested in reducing fuel expenditure, by molding fuel-efficient tires as well as allowing hobbyists to enjoy the great outdoors through the use of its off-road models.

Firestone’s tire options, also include winter tires, engineered to provide great traction on snowy surfaces. It also manufactures performance tires; which provide optimum control, meant for luxury, or sports cars. This wide selection of tires created by Firestone means that all kinds of customers will be able to find one suitable for them. Our Firestone Tire reviews have covered several of these various tire designs.

  • Emphasis on Safety

Firestone tires are designed keeping in mind that each design must offer stability as a primary feature. An untested tire can lead to several manufacturing defects which may result in unforeseen circumstances.

Firestone designs their tires with features such as Pulse Groove technology that forces water out, away from the footprint of the tire. The presence of the supporting grooves further increases the braking ability of the vehicle.
Such minute features seamlessly combine into the aesthetics, and performance of the tire, providing the control necessary to keep vehicles from losing control, on wet roads. The safety elements of Firestone’s tire are explicitly mentioned in our Firestone Tire reviews.

Design Features

  • Handling

Firestone stresses the need for tires with amazing handling characteristics through its own designs.
Firestone tires ably improve upon the handling of your vehicle, through design enhancements such as silica-integrated tread compounds, and molded asymmetric tread patterns. These design choices allow improved cornering, and overall handling on dry roads.

The addition of cut grooves on each tire increases the all-weather traction on offer. The impressive handling abilities provided have received great praise in our Firestone Tire reviews.

  • Fuel Efficient

Firestone recognizes the need to increasingly provide fuel-efficient tires for the passenger car owner market. This is in an effort to both; reduce gas emissions through optimized driving, as well as reduce the costs a driver must bear.
The company makes tires such as the Firestone Champion Fuel Fighter, which reduces the rolling resistance in comparison to your average tire. This, in turn, makes for a cost effective tire.

  • Durability

Firestone does not compromise on the durability that each tire must possess, to offer great value for money. It has gained valuable experience designing truck, and SUV tires, that require durability in order to drive over rugged terrains.

Firestone designs tires with thick shoulders, and sidewalls that are able to resist the bulk of bruising; occurring as pebbles and other materials impact the tire. Most Firestone truck tires are designed with stone, and mud ejectors, that clear debris buildup; increasing the tread life of the tire.

Great Firestone Tires to Buy

Over 100 years of its existence, and excellence, Firestone has crafted some of the greatest tire designs ever witnessed. We seek to provide you with the knowledge of just a few of their best, currently-available tires. We have already completed Firestone Tire reviews for 3 of the below-mentioned tires. Read through each review if you want a more detailed analysis of each tire.


A Firestone design meant for truck, and SUV owners that enjoy off-road driving over the weekends. The Destination M/T2 is packed with smart design features that provide amazing utility for truck drivers that have to drive through difficult terrains.

  • FIREHAWK Indy 500

The Firehawk is an ultra-high performance tire meant for summer driving. Manufactured in different sizes, the tire is apt for most luxury and sports cars. It also provides exceptional handling, and precision control, when negotiating high-speed turns.

  • Firestone Champion Fuel Fighter

As previously mentioned, this is a tire specially designed to provide exceptional fuel efficiency. Though its performance declines considerably in snowy conditions, this tire offers great value for money on dry and wet surfaces.

High Performance Summer

Firestone Firehawk GTA 03

Firestone Firehawk Indy 500

Firestone Firehawk Wide Oval Indy 500

Touring All-Season

Firestone Affinity Touring

Firestone Affinity Touring S4 FF

Firestone Precision Touring

High Performance All-Season

Firestone Firehawk AS

Firestone Firehawk GT

Firestone Firehawk Wide Oval AS

Firestone FR740 

Firestone Precision Sport

Firestone Primewell PS850

Standard All-Season

Firestone All Season

Firestone Champion Fuel Fighter

Firestone Champion HR

Firestone FR690

Firestone FR710

Light Truck / SUV / Crossover

Firestone Destination A/T

Firestone Destination LE

Firestone Destination LE 2

Firestone Destination M/T

Firestone Destination M/T2

Firestone Destination ST

Firestone Transforce AT

Firestone Transforce AT2

Firestone Transforce HT