Firestone Destination M/T2 Tire Review & Rating

Firestone is launching several new tires in their lineup for 2017, which includes the all-new Firestone Destination M/T2. Built for pickups, SUV’s and other 4×4 vehicles, the MT2 mud tire features a number of new tread elements.

A new cut and chip resistant tread compound is matched up with a 3-ply sidewall construction (a welcome addition) that is tougher and able to withstand more punishment than its predecessor. In addition, Firestone has created more aggressive lugs in the upper sidewall of the tire.

Firestone Destination MT2 Tire Review

Taking a page from the old-school tractor paddle tires, Firestone has created 23-degree attack angles in the tread blocks. This results in greater pulling power on loose terrain like dirt, sand and gravel. In addition, mud and stone ejectors clear away rocks and other debris, which help in preventing stone drilling.

The Firestone MT2 is built to perform on-road as well as it is off-road. Their engineers added 20% more biting edges around the tread than the original for enhanced traction on wet pavement, as well as in deeper amounts of snow. Firestone has pinned this tire to accept studs to deliver exceptional grip on icy road surfaces as well.

While the tire’s 3-ply sidewall increases puncture resistance, twin high-tensile steel belts with nylon reinforcement add to durability and provide added strength. Firestone currently offers a wide range of 15-20 inch LT and flotation sizes to fit most any vehicle. A limited tread warranty is also included.


  • Excellent traction in dirt, sand, gravel, rocks, snow and other difficult terrain
  • Competent on-road manners
  • 3-ply sidewall is a welcome addition
  • Treadwear looks to be good at this early stage


  • Not as good in deep thick mud as some of the best tires in class

Overall Thoughts

While the original Destination MT had been one of the better mud tires since its introduction way back in 2002, Firestone has taken all the new tire technology since that time and put it into the MT2, making it a beast among others in its class.

You’ll find traction in most every off-road scenario to be as good as the best models in the MT class. The only area we could find that could arguably be improved on is deep thick mud grip. It’s easy to slide the rear when giving it the gas.

On the highway this tire makes minimal road noise at faster speeds. Yes, you’ll hear some noise, but it’s not bad at all for a mud-terrain tire. Grip on wet pavement is confidence inspiring, and traction in the snow is better than average.

Overall, the M/T2 is a welcome addition and doesn’t disappoint in providing more than adequate performance. Unless you’re a hard-core rock climber or mudder, this tire fits in well for the weekend warrior or those looking for a tougher and more aggressive tire for their everyday driving rig.

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What Vehicles Will The Firestone Destination M/T2 Fit?

Fits these vehicles and many others:

  • Chevrolet Silverado, Suburban, Blazer, Avalanche, Trailblazer, K20
  • Dodge Dakota, Ram, Durango
  • Ford Bronco, F150, F250, F350, Ranger, Excursion, Expedition
  • GMC Sierra, K1500, Yukon, Sonoma, Jimmy, Canyon
  • Hummer H3, H2
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee, Liberty, Wrangler, Cherokee, Comanche
  • Land Rover 4.6HSE, Discovery, Defender
  • Nissan Titan, Xterra, Pathfinder, Frontier
  • Toyota FJ Cruiser, Tacoma, Land Cruiser, Tundra, 4Runner

Tire Sizes


LT235/75R15 C 104/101Q OWL
31X10.5R15LT C 109Q OWL
32X11.5R15LT C 113Q OWL
33X12.5R15LT C 108Q OWL


LT235/85R16 E 120Q BW
LT245/75R16 E 120Q BW
LT265/75R16 E 123Q OWL
LT285/75R16 E 126Q OWL


LT245/75R17 E 121Q OWL
LT255/75R17 C 111Q OWL
LT265/70R17 E 121Q OWL
LT285/70R17 E 121Q BW


LT275/65R18 E 123Q BW
LT275/70R18 E 125Q OWL
LT285/65R18 E 125Q BW


LT275/65R20 E 126Q BW

Price Range

Firestone Destination M/T2 prices range from approximately $185 and up. You may also find occasional rebates, discount prices, coupons and special offers on this tire.

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Firestone provides a limited tread warranty on this model. Tire uniformity is guaranteed for the first 1/32 inch of wear. Materials and workmanship are warranted for 5-years and include free replacement during the first 3 years. A prorated amount is given for the remaining time period or down to the final 2/32 inch of tread depth.

You will also find a 30-day buy and try guarantee whereby you can refund or exchange the tires if you are not completely satisfied.

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