Firestone Primewell PS850: An All-Season Tire For A Sound Experience Year Round

Tires come in different shapes, sizes, and types, with unique intents — some are meant for snow-ridden roads, others for dry paved surfaces when it’s hot and humid, some do well in off-road as well as off-road applications, and so on.

The deal is that you can’t have the wrong tires equipped on your car; not only would it lead to a lousy experience, but it can be downright dangerous.

This is why when there is a significant lapse in seasons; people switch between summer to winter tires and vice versa. However, if the area you reside in sees weather/temperature fluctuation but not at extreme ends, you can buy the jack of all trades, i.e., all-season tires.

They can keep the car moving all year long, as long as the snow is not knee-deep, and the roads are not extremely wet.

And one all-season tire that might be up your alley is the popular Firestone Primewell PS850 — it does a fantastic job, on cars and minivans, and is reasonably priced as opposed to other all-season options in the market.

First off, Primewell is backed by Firestone, a renowned tire company, a telltale sign that the tire is be of excellent quality.

The PS850 is designed to provide a smooth, comfortable ride all year long — the four rib mechanism on the inside and the open-slotted shoulder blocks, ensure that the car maintains its grip around corners and while driving on the roads.

When compared to its precessors, this tire has an upgraded tread design and shell – so steering control is on point in wet as well as dry conditions – the car won’t slip or slide.

The four broad circumferential grooves ensure resistance to hydroplaning, all water that comes in contact is diverted outwards, and nothing accumulates in the tire’s contact patch. Cornering capabilities are all so as good as other all-season tires, thanks to the extended shoulder grooves.

The tire also maintain flexibility and provides a stable ride even at high speeds; this is made possible due to the featured advanced variable pitch tread blocks. Furthermore, the all-season tread design has open-slotted shoulders, so gripping is strong, traction Is beyond impressive, and control is on-point. Also, there are no compromises on lateral traction, thanks to the circumferential middle rib.

Though many naysayers advise against these tires, but we did not come across many issues. Sure there were a few hiccups along the way such gripping issues on paved areas, but all concerns appear to be meaningless when compared to the price these tires are sold at.    

In fact, you can get a set of four within $300, now isn’t that something very reasonable, we believe that you are getting more value when compared to the money put forward.

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  • All-season performance
  • Variable pitch tread depth
  • Four big Circumferential grooves
  • Large shoulder blocks
  • Center rib
  • Better lateral traction
  • Exceptional cornering capabilities
  • Resistance to hydroplaning
  • Smooth and comfortable ride
  • Little to no noise


  • Gripping is not good on dry, paved surfaces; however, once you get on a straight road, it won’t be an issue
  • Not a good choice for deep snow, something which we expected


All-season tires don’t come cheap; but the Firestone Primewell PS850 is a gamechanger if you see moderate snow and rains are occasional, this is definitely a worthy purchase.

However, you have to consider how much of the tire’s quality and performance are compromised to provide such a low price.

Let’s enlighten you on what we came across when the tire was put through various tests:

Gripping was not that great on dry paved surfaces, especially when cornering on speeds, and when changing lanes. Also, when going on a straight path and obstacles come in between such as sand, mud, potholes, etc. the grip is loosened. However, if speed is reached and maintained on a straight road, gripping will remain secure.

Wet traction was a bit better, but there is a catch, you have to drive within speed limits because the friction tends to decrease as the speed increases on wet roads. So, if you are driving on I-90 or any other highway while its raining or the road is ridden with dew — make sure that you are driving at a decent speed and not flooring the accelerator when you are sure there is no radar insight.

The Firestone Primewell PS850 did an OK job in snow, but nothing too heavy, you will remain in control, and the grip will be on-point as long as there is light snow, anything substantial, and the performance will suffer. To be honest, this came as no surprise as only winter tires can perform well in extreme winter-like conditions.

The best part about the Primewell PS850 was the comfort level; they delivered a comfy ride on those crowded inner-city streets as well as on highways. We also noticed that even when the road got a bit bumpy or when there were rocks, pebbles, and potholes on the way — there were no compromises on comfort.

And if driven on moderate speeds, the tires made next to no noise, but when we took the pace up a notch, the tires start to create a humming noise. It’s not very noticeable, but it can get annoying over time.

Treadwear of these tires is not the best, nor the worst, and the assigned ratings are S (112 MPH), T (118 MPH), and H (130 MPH).

What Vehicles Will The Firestone Primewell PS850 fit?

Here are some of the many cars that will accommodate these tires (not a complete list):

  • BMW – 3 Series, 6 series
  • Chevrolet – Astro, Blazer, C1500, Caprice, Colorado, Corvette, G10, G20, G30, Malibu, Niva, S10, S10 Blazer, Tracker, Monza, Beretta, Camaro, El Camino, Lumina APV, Lumina Van
  • Chrysler – Fifth Avenue, New Yorker, Newport
  • Dodge – Caravan, Grand Caravan, Neon, B150, D150, Dakota
  • Ford – Mustang, Ranger, Taurus, Thunderbird, Sierra, Bronco II. Thunderbird

Tire Size


  • P185/70R-13
  • P155/80R-13
  • P165/80R-13


  • P195/70R-14
  • P195/75R-14
  • P205/70R-14
  • P205/75R-14
  • P215/75R-14
  • P175/70R-14


  • P205/70R-15
  • P205/75R-15
  • 215/70R-15
  • P225/75R-15
  • P235/75R-15

Price Range

As we have already stressed upon the fact, these tires won’t break the bank; you can get a set of four for twice as less as other options on the market. They will cost you somewhere between $52.97 to $194.99.


The tire has a 40,000-mile limited treadwear warranty, but there is no free replacement. The warranty extends to four years from the date of purchase, and if there is no proof of date of purchase, it is limited to five years from the manufacturing date.

A pro-rated replacement price is charged, which is calculated by multiplying the percent of warranted mileage based on the current treadwear with the dealer’s current price for tire replacement.

The warranty is only applicable if the tire is not worn to 2/32 inch (1.6 mm), which is apparent by looking at the indicators provided on the tread grooves.

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