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Starfire Tires is an associate brand of Cooper Tires. The brand has been positioned by its parent company’s interest in the manufacturing of reasonably priced tires without reducing the performance offered, and the quality of each model.

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The brand offers an affordable range of tires geared towards performance, passenger, truck, crossover, and sports utility vehicles. The brand is known for creating quality tires, which offer good mileage and adequate performance gains, keeping in mind their price range.

Starfire manufactures its tires in the United States, allowing extensive testing to be done within the country to create optimized tires perfected for the local market. Read our Starfire Tires reviews of the Starfire RS-C 2.0 or Starfire SF340, two quality designs that you should consider for your sedan.

Why Buy Starfire Tires?

  • Stringent Testing

A quality tire is the result of excellent craftsmanship, and prudent decisions made for the incorporation of technology – and, most importantly, stringent testing. If all these parameters are followed to the fullest, a tire of the highest quality is created.

Starfire conducts rigorous testing, putting each of its designs through grueling conditions, only to further compare them with the best tires from competitors to gain a benchmark. The brands testing of wet and dry braking, alongside wet and dry handling, have produced jaw-dropping results. Its tires have surpassed industry-giants such as Bridgestone in wet braking tests.

The testing undertaken in the U.S highlights how a local manufacturer creating affordable tires, can best tires manufactured by leaders located in the world over.

  • Pricing

The price that a tire sells at is an important factor considered by hopeful buyers. Performance, coupled with affordability results in a great offering that must be seized upon by drivers.

Starfire is concerned with delivering premium level quality in both, build and performance while selling tires in the budget range. A complete set of its tires could be bought for your sedan within $400 – an eye-opening figure. Drivers on a budget should seriously consider this brand’s tires for their vehicles, read our Starfire Tires reviews to ascertain which model would be perfect for you.

Design Features

  • Handling

As previously stated the brand’s tires have bested tires manufactured by competing brands in their braking ability, and performed admirably well in tests measuring overall handling.

Starfire produces these results by not compromising on adding sensible design features to each of its structure. To improve handling the brand incorporates asymmetric tread patterns with longitudinal grooves and larger contact patches. Together these technologies provide crisp handling, resist hydroplaning, and afford high-speed stability.

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