Riken Tire Reviews

Riken was founded in 1917 in Japan, functioning as a chemical research company. It only began manufacturing tires for its local market in 1956. During the 70’s it started exporting its designs to both the U.S and Europe, which attracted the attention of Michelin; current owner of the Riken brand.

Riken creates a great range of tires for passenger cars, SUV’s, and commercial vehicles. The brand has positioned itself in the affordable tire market manufacturing good quality replacement tires. Its tires are widely regarded to offer great comfort due to their sturdy, well-built constructions, coupled with features that enhance driving pleasure.

Read our Riken Tires reviews to judge for yourself if its tires would fulfill your driving needs.

Why Buy Riken Tires?

  • Quality at Affordable Prices

The brand concerns itself with crafting tires which offer above-average performance at highly competitive prices. Its tires lack the premium build quality and manufacturing processes of premium tire designs. However, they are worthy replacements if you are on a tight budget.

A standard tire manufactured by the brand sells for $80, which is an extremely attractive figure for drivers interested in purchasing a complete set. A driver that is not concerned with world-class performance improvements, and would be satisfied with modest gains should consider Riken’s tires.

  • A Great Selection

Riken widens its hold on the market by providing several designs in each tire category. It creates a great range of tire products that include specialized winter and off-road tires. The brand further creates a great range of ultra-high performance tires branded as the Raptor series.

These designs are considered to provide cornering and braking on par with premium tires while being affordably priced. Through its wealth of options; regardless of whether you’re an enthusiast on a budget, or looking to conquer mountain trails, you will always find Riken tires to fulfill your needs.

Design Features

  • Handling

Riken manufactures its ultra-high performance tires with features such as asymmetric tread patterns, which improve vehicle stability at high-speeds ensuring drivers maintain complete control.

The manufacturer ensures that handling is improved regardless of terrain type by incorporating features such as sipes. These design elements ensure the tire footprint remains dry, allowing drivers to be able to brake immediately. Driving enthusiasts that purchase performance tires expect high-speed cornering, for this purpose its tires have rigid sidewalls for precise steering response.

  • Comfort

Drivers expect their purchase to increase comfort levels regardless of what surface the vehicle is being driven over.

Riken’s tires are manufactured with a solid center rib which delivers stability as the tire is driven over bumps and cracks. The specially designed tread compound minimizes tire squeal, a common problem among budget tires. Drivers can rest assured knowing they will be able to enjoy long distance commutes with Riken’s tire designs.

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