Antares Tire Reviews

Antares Tire Reviews

Horizon Tires is the distributor that has been exporting Antares Tires to both; the United States and Canada; the tires are manufactured at plants located in China. The brand is an affordable tire provider for drivers on a strict budget.

It offers tires for sedans, minivans, SUV’s, and CUV’s, to allow drivers of a variety of vehicles, cheaper alternative to choose from. This has provided the added benefit of covering the entire market with decent offerings. Antares does not design high-quality premium products as its tires are produced to offer utility at a marginalized price.

Furthermore, at their price range, Antares’s tires are not considered by automobile manufacturers as original equipment. Instead, its tires are considered as competent replacement tires. Read our Antares Tires reviews if you’d like to learn more about its product line.

Why Buy Antares?

  • Economical

Antares designs are exported from China, as production in the U.S would greatly increase the manufacturing costs; only to reflect on its total cost. To maintain its position in the budget category tires have to be imported.

The fact that its tires are manufactured elsewhere should not bring into question the quality of its tires. Its tires are designed to provide performance on par with standard tires from competing brands. Drivers may not experience outstanding results, but will be able to enjoy basic mobility.

  • Multi-Purpose

Staying within its budget-minded approach, Antares designs tires with specialized terrain and weather properties.
The brand’s product catalog includes tires for winter driving where snow wreaks havoc, and vehicles suffer a loss of grip.

Additionally, the brand offers mud terrain tires intended for heavy-duty off-road usage. Antares prudently incorporates design features that are found in high-quality tires to allow its models to overcome the challenges posed by rough terrain.

Design Features

  • Handling

Tires of every price range must enhance design properties in an effort to satisfy customers. Handling is an important factor that cannot be overlooked as improvements towards it also increase driver safety.

The handling gains provided by Antares do not compare to top tier tires, but perform well when compared against other budget brands. Its tires are designed with open grooves, and siped patterns to increase steering response in all weather conditions. The brand designs its tires with large grooves that increase stability and cornering response.

  • Durability

Antares tires offer on average a 40,000-mile tread warranty, though this is by no means an impressive figure as even premium tire manufacturer’s guarantee better tread life. However, at its price range, it is unreasonable to expect long-lasting tires.

The warranty offered is sufficient to last over many miles, and the fact that tires are inexpensive; they can very easily be replaced with another model. Our Antares Tires reviews have affirmed that its tires offer an adequate warranty, which could be further improved.

High Performance All-Season

Antares Ingens A1

Light Truck / SUV / Crossover

Antares Comfort A5

Antares Deep Digger

Antares Majoris M5

Antares SMT A7