Sumic Tire Reviews

Sumic Tires is a subsidiary of Japanese tire manufacturer, Sumitomo Tires that has over 100 years of experience in producing the finest tires for the consumer market. The brand’s tires are produced at the parent company’s manufacturing facilities located in Indonesia.

Through its sub-brand the parent company seeks to offer competitively priced performance tires designed for passenger vehicles.

Sumitomo already manufactures a great range of tires under its own brand name including performance tires meant for high-end sports vehicles. Through the Sumic banner the company seeks to provide cheaper alternatives for driving enthusiasts that demand superior build quality and improved performance.

Consider reading our Sumic Tires review of the Sumic GT-A high-performance summer tire, which is offered in various sizes and would easily fit a majority of coupes and sedans.

Why Buy Sumic Tires?

  • Quality

As previously stated, the brand is operated by Sumitomo of Japan which is widely regarded for making excellent high-quality tires. Furthermore, the parent company has won numerous awards for developing advanced tire technologies.

The manufacturing facility designing Sumic tires also produces tires for other Sumitomo brands such as Falken and Dunlop. Both are renowned names in the tire industry that possess great design features and impressive build quality.

Therefore, potential consumers that are considering purchasing Sumic’s tires should remain confident about the quality and performance offered by its tires.

  • Affordability

Performance tires sell at high-prices as these tires allow drivers to fully experience the potential of their vehicles through an expansive feature set, which provides excellent cornering and acceleration.

Sumic’s GT performance tires are priced far lower than your average high-performance tire, allowing drivers that are constrained by their budget a great option. Sumic GT-A sells for $46 for a single tire, a complete set would cost less than $200, which is an astonishing figure. Frugal drivers that need a solid high-performance model should consider the brand’s tire products.

Design Features

  • Handling

Sumic’s tires are expertly manufactured to have a great number of design features that are commonly outfitted on premium tires. The features vastly improve performance metrics such as handling.

The brand’s tires at a base level contain advanced tread compounds that maintain constant grip on a variety of road surfaces. Its all-season capabilities are further bolstered by symmetric tread patterns with a 4-rib design that vastly improves traction on pavement while increasing steering response.

The brand improves wet weather performance through sipes and lateral grooves which channel water away from the footprint and reduce the risk of hydroplaning.

Our Sumic Tires review of the Sumic GT-A concluded that the dry traction along with handling, braking, and cornering performance of the tire were its biggest benefits.

High Performance All-Season

Sumic GT-A