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Founded in 1959 in Taiwan, the brand has produced tires through manufacturing facilities located in its native country; as well as through their plant in China. The 3 locations satisfy global demand with its tires available in over 80 countries.

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Nankang Tires is well regarded in the American market for producing a great line of economical options for drivers of several vehicle types. Be it sedans, minivans, light trucks, SUV’s; or CUV’s, there are many a great and affordable options to choose from.

Tires manufactured by the brand provide excellent grip and durability, allowing drivers to put their vehicle through its paces while enjoying a comfortable driving experience even at slower speeds.
We have published several Nankang Tires reviews for various tires manufactured by the brand, read through each to ascertain whether a particular design interests you.

Why Buy Nankang?

  • Emphasis on quality

In an effort to deliver amazing performance to drivers, the engineers at Nankang pay great attention towards the manufacturing of its tires; making sure each offers an exceptional quality.

The brand has been awarded multiple quality assurance awards, indicative of the strides being made to produce quality products. Additionally, Nankang has received ISO certifications, which are a prerequisite to exporting goods to European Union member states. ISO certifications help regulate and standardize company products; within each department of an organization, with its quality assurance programs.

Furthermore, the brand operates accredited research laboratories in Taiwan, which help drive innovation in its tire development program.

  • Specialized Products

The brand markets a small portfolio of products within the United States. Its sparse catalog could be mistaken for a lack of innovation. However, Nankang keeps their product offering limited due to their desire to only supply a range of highly specialized tires.

Nankang offers multiple ultra-high touring performance tires for passenger cars, which are either attuned for all-season driving, or perfected for performance on dry pavement. Similarly, its truck tires are designed for all-terrain performance, or geared towards mountainous terrains.

Design Features

  • Handling

The manufacturer recognizes handling as one the most important performance traits, which a tire must offer, as it increases vehicle maneuverability, which in turn improves the safety of the driver.

Nankang begins its handling-enhancing process by perfecting the tread design for improved traction on wet and dry surfaces. The contact patch is then optimized to ensure a dependable grip even when negotiating corners at high speeds. Through the incorporation of these features, the brand provides drivers with precise control of their vehicle.

  • Durability

Driving over rugged terrains; featuring jagged-rocks and loose surfaces, necessitates sturdy tire designs that are puncture resistant and mitigate scuffing.

Nankang’s specially designed truck tires are able to power through challenging terrains – as they come loaded with an assortment of durability enhancements. At a base level, the tires are constructed with a 3-ply sidewall design, which gives its structure firmness.

The shoulders are purposely designed to remain rigid, and negate bruising while the open tread design allows tires to clean themselves with regular use, thus increasing their longevity. Read our Nankang Tires reviews of the individual truck models to learn about the exceptional durability its tires offer.


High Performance Summer

Nankang Ultra Sport NS-II

Touring All-Season

Nankang CX-668

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Nankang Toursport NS N605

Nankang XR611

High Performance All-Season

Nankang AS-1

Nankang Noble Sport NS-20

Nankang NS-25 All-Season UHP

Light Truck / SUV / Crossover

Nankang Conqueror AT-5

Nankang FT-7

Nankang N889 Mudstar M/T

Nankang N890

Nankang NK Utility FT-4

Nankang Performance X/P FS-1

Nankang SP-5

Nankang SP-7 Performance X/P

Nankang SP-9 Cross Sport