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Landsail was founded in 2010 and is a sub-brand that is owned by the Chinese tire company Sentury Tires. Landsail tires are manufactured at factories located in China and exported to over 100 countries globally. The brand creates a range of budget tires for several vehicle types that include sedans, minivans, crossovers, SUV’s, and light trucks.

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The brand’s tires are not your typical cheap Asian products but are designed at state-of-the-art facilities, which operate machinery designed in Germany, Japan, and the United States. This is a great brand to consider in the budget category. We have published several Landsail Tires reviews in an effort to inform our audience. You should consider reading each review for in-depth information about each model.

What Sets Them Apart?

  • Quality Products

Budget tire products from China are not expected to offer versatility through an expansive feature set. However, Landsail Tires design products with advanced tread compounds and heavy-duty internal constructions that increase each model’s endurance.

The brand holds that its design team is comprised of a European team of engineers who strive to design each tire with elements that are standard features on premium tires. You cannot go wrong when purchasing a Landsail tire as it’s a quality budget product with a great feature set.

  • Customer Care

Budget tire manufacturers are more interested in quick sales numbers and do not offer after sales services. Landsail goes a step further to add value to purchases by operating a large customer support network.

Through multiple distribution centers located throughout the United States, you can easily purchase a tire and connect with regional sales staff in case a problem or defect is found.

  • Range of Products

The brand offers several designs to choose from which include standard passenger radials to highly specialized mountain-terrain and winter tires.

Price-conscious drivers that tackle varying land conditions each have an affordable Landsail tire to choose from. The brand provides great value for money in an effort to complete a sale.

Design Features

  • Fuel Efficient

Landsail manufactures its passenger radials with advanced tread compounds that reduce the rolling resistance in order to boost the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. A further benefit is that it reduces CO2 emissions that are harmful to the environment. This is a great feature to have on tires when you’re already strapped for cash.

  • Comfort

Driving becomes monotonous as the tire rolls over bumps and cracks in the road’s surface, which causes jarring vibrations to be felt by vehicle occupants. The brand manufactures its tires with an optimized tread pattern which reduces vibrations and dampens tire noise to increase driving pleasure greatly. Our Landsail Tire reviews affirms that its tires offer excellent ride comfort.

Landsail Tire Review

High Performance All-Season

Landsail CLV2

Landsail LS588 UHP

Touring All-Season

Landsail LS288

Summer Touring

Landsail LS388


Light Truck / SUV /Crossover

Landsail LS988