Dick Cepek Tire Reviews

Dick Cepek was a legendary American off-roader, praised for his contributions towards organizing off-road racing events. The Dick Cepek Tires brand was launched by its namesake in 1963, and it famously designed a great range of specialty tires for light trucks and 4×4’s.

The company filed for bankruptcy and was acquired by Mickey Thompson tires which has reinvigorated its now sub-brand to once again create high-quality designs targeted towards the truck tire market.

The brand strives to live up to the vision of its founder by manufacturing sturdy tires that can negotiate the harshest driving conditions, including mountain trails and deserts. Off-road enthusiasts that are seeking the thrill of adventure should consider the brand’s tires.

Our Dick Cepek Tires reviews have affirmed the great off-road performance levels of each of the brand’s tires.

Why Buy Dick Cepek Tires?

  • Specialty Tire

Dick Cepek’s tires are specially designed to provide exceptional mobility for SUV’s, light trucks, and 4×4’s. The brand provides tires for a niche market, unconcerned with providing solutions for the greater tire market.

Furthermore, the brand only offers 4 unique tires, each optimized for a particular purpose:

  1. Standard truck highway tires
  2. Long lasting off-road tires
  3. Hybrid tires, with all-terrain capabilities
  4. Mud terrain tires

The prospective buyer can easily choose from among these specialized tires without any added confusion, as is the case when confronted with several tires from competing brands. Additionally, drivers should consider that a narrow selection of products increases the quality of each tire, as the brand is focused on delivering immaculate quality in each design.

  • Off-Roading

Dick Cepek was an avid outdoorsman who enjoyed adventuring in the deserts located in California. He realized that normal truck tires were not capable of besting the challenges posed by such terrains. Cepek desired to manufacture the perfect tire which would remain unhindered by any surface type.

The brand to this day follows the principle laid out by its founder. It designs some of the best tires, augmented to conquer tough road conditions – including rock surfaces, gravel, sand, and mud. Standard tires and even truck tires falter when tasked with providing mobility over these types of surfaces. Dick Cepek Tires; however, is in a league of its own, affording excellent off-road capabilities.

Design Features

  • Durability

Toughness is one of the most important design elements of an off-road tire. The tire must have a solid internal construction, allowing it to absorb impact as the tire rolls over hard surfaces. Additionally, the tire must have external tread elements that mitigate damage.

Dick Cepek’s tires hold the entire suite of features, from high tensile ply cords that enhance the strength of sidewalls, to silica reinforced compounds that have long-lasting wear. Driving over rocks will not be a problem as these elements mitigate tire damage.

  • Grip

A truck tire must offer excellent grip on off-road terrain. Jagged rocks, loose sand, and mud, unlike pavements, create loose surfaces incapable of providing consistent traction.

An off-road tire must include features that allow it to maintain grip to please drivers as well as offer them safety in knowing their vehicle won’t lose control. The brand’s tires have enlarged contact patches to increase the gripping surface area along with patented ‘Sidebiters’, which are molded on sidewalls to increase traction on loose surfaces. Our Dick Cepek Tires reviews of the Extreme Country commended the excellent grip the tire maintains on tough surfaces.


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