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Founded in 1871, Continental began operations as a rubber manufacturer, and only later entered the business of molding tires. Continental can attribute its popularity and global standing to its focus on innovation that has resulted in high-quality tires.

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Through its catalog of aesthetically pleasing tire designs that enable a vehicle to display its fullest potential, Continental, has become the fourth largest tire manufacturer in the world. The brand has been able to assume a virtual stranglehold of the European market by becoming the continents premier tire provider.

Our website hosts multiple Continental Tire Reviews, but the purpose of this page is to provide you with a complete overview of the Brand as a whole.

Why Buy Continental?

  • A Manufacturer Favorite

Vehicle manufacturers are relying on high quality tires that will allow the vehicle to display its complete potential. Chosen tires become Original Equipment, which comes stock on vehicles when they are launched.

Continental as previously stated with its dominance of the European market has presented itself as the best choice globally. It has won the approval of car manufacturers who adopt Continental as the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) providing tires for their automobiles.

The extent of the success Continental enjoys can be ascertained by the fact that one out of every three cars, in Europe comes factory fitted with its tires.

  • No Compromise on Quality

In order to design high-quality tires, Continental subjects its new designs to a variety of testing environments which include on-road, track, and simulations.

Continental does this to ensure that every tire designed is rigorously tested for vehicular compatibility, before being approved for a mass market unveiling. The company goes as far as subjecting 140,000 of its tires to 200 million kilometers of testing before assimilating it into their product lines.

This degree of testing ascertains that every Continental tire meets the demanding quality standards that the company sets itself. The end user is rest-assured that the tire bought is of an unparalleled class.

  • Options to Choose From

Continental does not target a specific user in the market. The brand encompasses the entire market by offering a range of tires.

To that end, Continental designs tires for several different vehicle types. Whether you drive a motorcycle, SUV, truck, bus or even a tractor, you can always find a continental tire that is designed to fit your vehicle.

Continental provides further utility by designing season specific tires able to combat the elements, as well as specialized tires designed for hobbyists that enjoy off-road driving. On our website, you can find Continental Tire Reviews that provide an in-depth look at the complete catalog of its tire designs.

Design Features

  • Handling

With over 149 years of experience, Continental is aware that superior handling enables a driver to experience the full potential of the vehicle. It also further increases safety by allowing drivers to maintain precise control over their vehicle.

The Aralon 350 cap ply, with reinforced twin steel belts is used by the manufacturer to increase the maneuverability, allowing drivers to drive at high speeds without worrying about tire deformation. Furthermore, tires are designed with SportsPlus Technology that provides grip, and improved braking on wet roads.

  • Fuel Efficient

With fluctuating gas prices, and the adverse effects of carbon emissions that pose a threat to our environment, Continental began looking into creating fuel-efficient tires optimize the amount of petrol spent to maintain forward momentum.

The latest Continental tires are designed with a special Silica gel compound that is added to the tread to decrease the tires rolling resistance. The lowered rolling resistance allows for a decrease in fuel consumption.

We have conducted extensive testing in our Continental Tire Reviews that have shown the brand’s offerings reducing fuel consumption by as much as 8%.

  • Mileage and Durability

Continental’s desire to continuously innovate and craft new technologies has led to the development of special tread compounds that are included in tires to increase their longevity.

The brand makes durable tires, and supplements the design with sturdy sidewalls that resist premature wear and tear along with bruising that occurs as a result of scattered debris. Continental has created a patented tread compound called the Green Chilli 2.0. Tires manufactured with this tread compound have increased total mileage, with the added advantage of requiring less replacements.

Corporate Social Responsibility 

Continental goes beyond just manufacturing tires for its consumer base, by collaborating with organizations for important causes where the brand feels it can make a difference. Advancing social causes bolsters the image of a company but are not mentioned in our Continental Tire Reviews.

  • First Floating Solar Cover

Continental’s help proved instrumental as it installed the first solar cover in Cyprus in 2018. The solar cover was placed on a body of water that measured 6500 square meters. In addition to providing solar power, the cover prevented airborne contaminants, and natural evaporation from coming into contact with the water body.

  • Developing Sound Insulation For Marine Life

Continental partnered with Energiewende; a German hydraulic engineering company in 2018, to create a Big Bubble Curtain. A pilot project aimed to protect marine life by creating whirlpools on seabeds that redirect marine life away from construction sites. Furthering the use of this technology could help avoid oil spills, and restrict the movement of marine life around contaminated waters, or deep sea construction projects such as offshore oil facilities, and wind farms.

Industry Recognition

  • European Union Innovative Ergonomics Award

Continental received an award for its effort towards creating inclusive workspaces that incorporate safe and healthy practices for elderly employees. The company effectively manages the workload of its staff members, taking into account their varying ages, and demographics.


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