Continental Tire Reviews

Known for creating tires that range from ultra-smooth touring models to those that can handle the rigors of off-road performance, Continental Tire helps you get the most out of your vehicle. Their lineup includes tires for cars, trucks, SUV’s and more.


High Performance Summer

Continental ExtremeContact DW

Continental ExtremeContact Sport

Continental ContiSportContact

Continental ContiSportContact 2

Continental ContiSportContact 3

Continental ContiSportContact 5

Continental ContiSportContact 5P

Touring Summer

Continental ContiPremiumcontact 2

Touring All-Season

Continental ContiProContact

Continental ContiTouringContact A/S

Continental ContiTouringContact CV95

Continental ControlContact Tour AS

Continental ProContact GX

Continental ProContact TX

Continental Conti 4×4 Contact

Continental ContiTrac

Continental ContiTrac SUV

Continental ContiTrac TR

Continental CrossContact LX