Laufenn Tire Reviews

As a sub-brand, Laufenn Tires are manufactured in Indonesia. The Laufenn brand was launched by Hankook in order to provide entry-level products to drivers. It has been positioned to compete through price discrimination. However, its tires perform extremely well in comparison to their asking price.

The brand manufactures tires for a range of vehicles that include sedans, SUV’s, and crossovers. Unlike other brands Laufenn categorizes its tires in 4 distinct ranges:

  1. S FIT, ultra-high performance tires
  2. G FIT, standard performance tires
  3. X FIT, truck tires
  4. I FIT, winter tires

Through these 4 the brand offers versatility and accessibility to a great number of consumers looking for affordable tires that run on a variety of terrain conditions. Our Laufenn Tires reviews have skillfully analyzed each tire to render judgment, consider reading them to inform yourself about the quality of its models.

Why Buy Laufenn Tires?

  • Warranty

A factor to consider when purchasing a tire is whether the manufacturer provides a warranty. Provided a tire is backed with a mileage warranty, you can surrender any lingering apprehensions you have in regards to the quality of the tire.

Laufenn Tires offers designs that feature a 45,000 mileage warranty, which includes 5-year materials and workmanship guarantee. The guarantee is indicative of the use of quality materials and efficient design, and the manufacturer’s confidence in the end product.

  • Quality Affordable Tires

Laufenn Tires provides affordable tires to satisfy the demand of drivers that run a tight budget and cannot afford to buy premium tires. The stigma around inexpensive Asian tires is that they lack quality and features, which is a mainstay of western designs.

This is simply not true for Laufenn. The brand manufactures tires that share design elements with more expensive options from competing brands. The overall performance will obviously not compare with premium tires, but its models are capable designs which provide mobility over all terrain types.

A comparison of tires from both, parent company and sub-brand, reveal that a few of the designs are extremely similar. Laufenn tires are only marginally inferior to Hankook variants. They share similar tread designs, but the compound incorporated in the sub-brand is of lesser quality.

Design Features

  • Handling

Laufenn is concerned with enhancing the control and grip afforded to drivers through its tire design in the affordable price range. Although improved handling isn’t considered a realistic possibility within the budget category, Laufenn aims to disprove critics by manufacturing tires with excellent features that produce results.

The use of the asymmetric tread design, along with 4 wide grooves increases the control and stability offered to drivers on straight roads. Laufenn’s use of sipes efficiently evacuates water away from the tire’s footprint, affording the driver grip even on wet road surfaces.

Winter road conditions are especially challenging, as vehicles lose grip and slide. The brand designs its tires with biting edges, which have become an industry standard. The edges, along with snow slits and an enlarged contact patch area, greatly increase grip and braking performance on snow and ice.

  • Durability

The brand manufactures tires strengthened with an internal layer of rubber to withstand impact damage from debris. The tensile strength of tire sidewalls is increased to protect the tire from damage further while driving on rough terrains such as gravel.

Laufenn is concerned with driver safety and further incorporates smart design elements such as a 2-step Edged shoulder block. These increase the tire’s durability as it easily shrugs off damage and cuts that occur on varying terrain. Our Laufenn Tires review of the X FIT HT praised the excellent durability that the model provided, we recommend this tire as a solid design for truck drivers on a budget.

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