Fullrun Tire Reviews

Founded by Qingdao Fullrun Tire Corp. Ltd in 2003, this company is considered a leader in the tire manufacturing industry. 

Simply put, ‘Integrity, Endeavor, Innovation and Dedication’ are the main pillars that underpin the company, and its strategic execution has made it a globally-recognized brand with over 30 national patents.

Fullrun’s portfolio includes over 10 sizes of tires to cater to all domestic and foreign automotive needs. Some of its top performers include brands like Fullrun, Antyre, Clear and Fullway that have a wide following in China and other markets. 

Since it is under contract with more than 300 companies from all over the world, exports make up roughly 90% of it business.

Even the Government of China has acknowledged Fullrun’s role in the country’s economic development and has honored it with numerous awards and accolades. 

Why Buy Fullrun Tires?

Variety On A Budget

Fullrun provides users with quality tires at affordable prices; with state-of-the art research and development, the team works tirelessly to provide users with A-grade quality tires.

This makes the tires a combination of innovation, quality, and functionality. From ultra-high performance summer tires to all-season high performance radial tires, end-users have a wide selection of products to choose from.

State-Of-The-Art Design

Specially designed tread patterns, wide tread grooves, special tire compounds – these are only some of the features that make Fullrun tires some of the best in the market.

Incomparable Quality

Fullrun’s futuristic approach towards tire manufacturing is evident in the wide selection of tires that it offers.
High on functionality and comfort, the user never has to feel like they’re compromising on quality or price. Even though they fall in the budget category, their durability, performance and smart design can outdo any high-end, expensive brand.

Design Features

Tread Life And Road Grip

Optimized for everyday convenience and comfort, these tires make for a quiet and smooth driving experience. 

As ‘all-season’ tires, they are the best choice for people who live or drive in harsh weather conditions. 

The specially designed tread pattern and grooves enable vehicles to maintain wet weather grip and responsive handling even under the most extreme weather.  In fact, both their top selling models, the HS299 and F7000, have excellent road grip and prevent hydroplaning. 

Fullrun Bestsellers

Fullrun is considered a leader in the global tire industry due to its durable products and innovative designs. With an impressive network of buyers all over the world, Fullrun is no less than a legacy brand that is trusted, respected and preferred in many countries. 

If you’re looking for tires for your vehicle, consider these best-sellers from the tire manufacturing giant. They are guaranteed to give you long-lasting tread, excellent grip, responsive handling and high performance at the price of a budget brand.  

Fullrun F7000 High Performance All Season Tire – 235/30ZR22 90W XL

The F7000 series come with cutting-edge features for your comfort and convenience; for example, this model has a unique pattern that improves road grip and stability.

In addition, its wide ribs and specialized tread compounds enable the driver to steer and maneuver the vehicle even through mud and soil, and decrease the risk of hydroplaning.

Fullrun HS299 all_ Season Radial Tire-305/35R24 112V

Ideal for a passenger car, this all-season radial tire is a favorite all over the world. With A-grade traction, tread wear of 420 and speed rating: V, this automotive masterpiece is both reliable and durable.

Since it’s an all-season tire, it is designed to provide comfort along with grip and responsive handling throughout the year – regardless of the weather. 

Industry Recognition

As the biggest exporter of tires from China for the past six years, Fullrun has won numerous accolades for their invaluable contribution to the industry. Over the years, they have also managed to acquire several certifications that vouch for their quality and engineering prowess. 

To date, the brand has received the following certificates:

  • ISO9000:2000 
  • S-mark
  • CCC
  • DOT
  • GCC
  • NOM
  • E-mark etc.

Additionally, the company was recognized as a “Famous Export Brand” by the Qingdao government for research and engineering excellence.

In 2010, Fullrun was honored with the title ‘High Tech Enterprise’ for its technological contributions to the industry.

Other Notable Tires by Fullrun:

Passenger Tires

  • F1000
  • F2000
  • F6000
  • HP199
  • HT
  • PCR
  • UHP

Commercial Tires

  • TB906


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