Kelly Tire Reviews

Kelly Tires began manufacturing in 1894, and continued up until it was bought out by Goodyear. Initially, Kelly Tires operated as a subsidiary and was only later assimilated into Goodyear North America. Goodyear operates it as a major sub-brand, offering specialized tires; affordable, and available in multiple sizes to fit various vehicles.

Kelly designs tires with features that appear in competing brands; providing great handling, durability, and stability on various terrain types to ensure drivers have a pleasant driving experience. We have completed several Kelly Tires reviews, and have found this brand to be a great tire option to consider.

Why Buy Kelly Tires?

  • Economical

A full set of tires on average costs $500; however, you can purchase a complete set of Kelly Tires for as low as $300. The significant cost savings achieved through the purchase of its tires makes them a great bargain, on top of their affordability.

The brand’s radials are priced well below the industry average, and yet render performance characteristics above their price range. Undoubtedly the cheapest tires you could purchase, Kelly Tires offer exceptional value for money. If you wish to remain frugal yet want a quality product, then Kelly Tires are perfect for you.

  • Compatibility & Customer Satisfaction

Kelly Tires are designed to offer apt solutions for all target markets. Available in varying weights, speeds, and sizes, the company’s tires easily fit in a majority of vehicles. Only the most obtuse vehicles; requiring particular designs, reject the brand’s tires. However a great many sedans, coupes, SUV’s, and crossovers will easily mount the brand’s tires, and function well, without concerns regarding stability.

Furthermore, tires sold by the brand come with a 30-Day test drive period; allowing drivers to utilize the tires for 30 days, to ensure they are satisfied with the tires performance. If drivers feel the tire is unsatisfactory they can exchange it for another manufactured by the brand.

Design Features

  • Handling

Keeping in mind the price range of the brand’s product line, Kelly’s tires do not feature the complete range of performance-enhancing features, yet they do provide competent handling. A fact asserted in our Kelly Tires reviews.

Through its sound tire designs; the brand manufactures simple, yet effective tread patterns. Solid, wide contact patches ensure stability, and consistent traction on both straights and turns. Winter traction is enhanced through the use of studs across all winter radials. The tires offer impressive cornering ability as per their price; however, they cannot be compared to the competency found in top-tier tires.

  • Longevity

Tires manufactured by the brand on average feature a 50,000-mile limited tread warranty. This is an impressive number considering how cheap the brand’s tires sell for. The longevity is further enhanced through the use of prudent design elements that offer sturdy sidewalls, and self-cleaning tread designs; reducing bruising and debris build-up. Both of the aforementioned factors negatively contribute towards premature tread wear that severely reduces the useful life of a tire.

Kelly Tires

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Kelly Safari Signature

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