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The Finnish tire manufacturer, Nokian, is most famous for its specially-designed winter tires. Its manufacturing facilities are located in its native country; Finland, which experiences extensive snowfall over the year. To ensure drivers reach their destination safely, solid winter tires – able to take on the harshest of climates – are required.

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Though the company does create passenger car tires, they are famous for their premium quality winter tires, which are considered by many as the definitive winter model. The brand does not design tires under an Original Equipment Manufacturer contract. Instead, it concentrates on fulfilling the needs of the consumer car market while also catering for the commercial vehicle, and replacement tire market.

Our Nokian Tires reviews have covered everything from the standard touring Entyre 2.0 to the specialized winter truck tire; Hakkapeliitta Truck T, which you can read through for an in-depth analysis of each.

Why Buy Nokian?

  • Continuous Innovation

Nokian invests heavily in the research and development (R&D) of specialized winter tires, to remain a market leader in the category. For over 80 years the company has operated under a developmental principle which necessitates continuous safety; the tire must continue to provide a safe driving experience, even as it ages.

The manufacturer’s focus on R&D has led to the world’s first studded winter tire called the Hakkapeliitta, the 9th generation of which is currently available, and has received critical acclaim. It took the manufacturer four years with more than a 100 professionals such as designers, engineers, and testers to produce the tire; a true testament to its focus on innovation.

  • Testing

Nokian understands that a high-quality tire is the result of a rigorous testing procedure, which involves trial-and-error until perfection is achieved. 50% of the product’s developmental costs are attributed to the arduous testing it goes through to ensure quality.

Tires are tested at the manufacturer’s Ivalo Testing Center, which is the world’s largest winter testing facility. Track tests simulate scenarios applicable in the real-world to provide authentic results utilized in the production of the perfect tire. Tires are subjected to a barrage of tests, under varied conditions; such as ice, slush, and snow, performing a range of maneuvers for a comprehensive analysis. The results then assess the improvements that can be made to a particular model for enhanced functioning.

Design Features

  • Handling

Great winter tires must focus on delivering excellent handling, after all the challenges posed by snowy conditions relate to the lack of grip and control.

Nokian tires are manufactured with a special tread design that incorporates the use of miniature studs; of varying sizes, to maximize the gripping power of the tire. The grooves, along with the shoulder block, provide precise control, and drivers can accelerate to high speeds without worrying about a loss of stability. Our Nokian Tires reviews have found the brands tires to offer exceptional handling in winter conditions – easily besting the most challenging of climates.

  • Eco-Friendly

The brand is sympathetic to the plight of consumers that face steep fuel costs, as well as the threat excessive fuel burning causes to the environment. Nokian tires are augmented to utilize less fuel, which cuts fuel expenditure and reduces CO2 emissions.

Additionally, the brand manufactures tires with special tread compounds and renewable materials, such as canola oil, enhancing the tire’s durability and increasing possible traction on icy surfaces.


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