Nokian Hakkapeliitta Truck T: Review & Rating

Nokian Tyres was the first-ever company to make winter tires for trucks, back in 1934; and the rest, as they say, is history. Based in Finland, this innovative and progressive company, specializes in making tyres for various vehicles.

The Nokian Hakkapeliitta Truck T is a part of their famous and esteemed product series; the Hakkapeliitta. These are specifically designed to conquer the rugged and harsh Nordic terrain.

Synonymous with high traction and durability, Hakkapeliitta is Nokian’s flagship product; and Truck T certainly delivers on the expectations.

Hakkapeliitta Truck T is marketed as the successor to the highly successful Nokian NTR-827. Although successful, with time,the Nokian NTR-827 had been rendered outdated due to the continuous evolution and integration of newer technologies in the industry.

Specifically augmented for trailer use, the Nokian Truck series blends novelty and Nokian expertise into crafting a high-performance tire – the Nokian Hakkapeliitta Truck T.

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Nokian Hakkapeliitta Truck T is a winter truck tire; it is optimized to operate effectively in cold temperatures (below 7°C). The distinct difference in Hakkapeliitta Truck T and other tires is found in the compounds used in manufacturing them.

The rubber compounds used to make Hakkapeliitta Truck T are optimized to tolerate the Nordic winter without contracting or facing a deterioration in its physical qualities. The better the quality of the input used, the higher the efficiency and effectiveness of the output, as is the case with Hakkapeliitta Truck T.
Nokian has introduced a completely new design of the Hakkapeliitta Truck T without comprising on the base qualities that have been a hallmark of the famous heavy-duty tire series from Nokian.

The biggest issue driver’s face when steering trucks and trailers across the slippery, and snow-filled roads is the grip of their truck’s tires on the surface of the road. Snow and slush act as barriers between the rubber of the tire and the road, which reduces the tire’s grip or traction.

Nokian has introduced multiple smart and functional innovations in the Hakkapeliitta Truck T to ensure drivers driving in such harsh conditions get maximum traction with the road surface and are able to steer their vehicles without fear of skidding or losing control.

The Hakkapeliitta Truck T features a widened zigzag shaped groove pattern that is both; self-cleaning and provides a better grip on snow-covered roads.

Siping is also an important feature of a high-quality winter tire. Nokian was the first company to patent a siping pattern and the Hakkapeliitta Truck T is a true testament to its journey over the years.

The Hakkapeliitta Truck T features a unique trapeze-shaped siping design that cuts through the tread block multiple times. When the tread comes in contact with snowy roads, the sipe also comes touches down on the surface, which increases the total surface area coming into contact, and thus, increases traction.

The sipe in the Hakkapeliitta Truck T is designed to work and ensure a firm grip even wearing out, increasing the lifespan and effectiveness of the tire.Additionally, Nokian has introduced a new strong shoulder design with this truck tire that boosts speed steering, especially around tight corners.

Nokian provides statistical data to back up the lofty claims it marketed Hakkapeliitta Truck T with. The grip on the snowy surface of the Hakkapeliitta Truck T trumps a competing tire products Snow Grip Index by a significant 9%.

Also, noise is a growing issue in the case of winter tyres. The noise caused by tyres is annoying to the driver and indicates an issue in the tyre. The Hakkapeliitta Truck T underwent a noise test meant for tires. The results were a testament to Nokian’s commitment to innovation as Hakkapeliitta Truck T scored a – 2-decibel rating as compared to Hakkapeliitta Truck T’s predecessor – the Nokian NTR-827.
Winter tires are used to pave the way through a rough, uneven terrain that adversely affects the lifespan of your tires. However, the Hakkapeliitta Truck T is manufactured using top-quality and long-lasting rubber compounds that prolong the lifespan of the tire.

In addition to the compounds, Nokian has also invested in developing a long-lasting tread pattern that wears evenly throughout the life of the tire and improves the mileage of the tire considerably.
Nokian also made sure to address the heat-building issues that damage winter tire compounds.In the Hakkapeliitta Truck T,a sleek, modern design enables the efficient transition of power which reduces the heat that accumulates inside the tire.

Truck owners also have to face dense snowfall during winters,and sometimes blizzards and snowstorms can lay down thick blankets of snow, making it unable to drive through without attaching studs to the tires. Unlike personal vehicle owners, truck drivers are entrusted with timely deliveries and deadlines.
The Nokian Hakkapeliitta Truck T ensures that the drivers are well equipped to deal with such weather conditions. With pre-marked attachment locations for studs, Hakkapeliitta Truck T ensures you ride over snow without worries.


• Size: 265/70R19.5
• LI/SS (Load Index/ Speed Symbol): 143/141J
• RRC Class: D
• Wet Class: C
• Noise dB (decibel): 72
• Noise Waves: 2

Key Features

• Driving Safety Indicator
• Stud-able
• Stone Ejectors
• Mud and Snow
• 3 PMSF


Nokian prides itself in producing the best winter tires there are, and with Hakkapeliitta being the company’s flagship product, Nokianhas left no stone unturned in the manufacturing of Hakkapeliitta Truck T model.

The revolutionary design provides truck and trailer drivers with optimum control over their vehicles and offers precision when cutting lanes during snowy road conditions.

Complimented with pre-marked stud attachment spaces, Nokian Hakkapeliitta seems to have set out to fulfill what people have come to expect of it – unparalleled excellence.

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