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This American tire dealer has been in the business of distributing tires since 1952. Over the last 65 years, the company has been operating in the replacement tire market, providing for a variety of vehicle types.

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Hercules has been partnered with Cooper Tires for almost 60 years, with the latter manufacturing tires for the brand. The company is known to create affordable tires with proficient technology features that enable great driving. The Hercules Tires reviews published on our website will inform you to make the correct purchase when deciding which model to buy.

Why Buy Hercules?

  • A Variety of Products

Hercules Tires is a mid-tier company concerned with covering the entire market by designing tires for vehicles such as sedans, crossovers, SUVs, and light trucks. If you’re interested in buying a pair of the brand’s tires, there will be a tire which fits your vehicle perfectly, regardless of what you drive.

  • Pricing

Premium tire manufacturers create excellent Ultra-high performance tires, but below-average, or over-priced standard tires. Hercules, throughout its existence, has manufactured affordable tires, going so far as to encapsulate that in their brand mission. They have delivered on their mission by ensuring quality tires priced in line with what the range they offer.

  • Customer Satisfaction

Hercules’s standard touring tires boast an 85,000-mile tread wear warranty which is a staggering figure. The brand goes a step further by providing multiple guarantees, which cover unserviceability and premature tread wear.

If, during the first 50% of the tread’s life, the tire becomes unserviceable due to the application of substandard materials or workmanship, a complete replacement is provided free of cost. Furthermore, the brand has a 30-day return policy. Thus, if you are not pleased with your tire during the first 30 days, you can have them exchanged for a comparable model.

Design Features

  • Handling

Every model of tire designed by Hercules has features that are integrated to increase the handling potential of the vehicle they are mounted on.

Standard, truck, and winter tires, are all designed with asymmetrical tread patterns accompanied by grooves, siping, and biting edges. These technologies work in unison to increase handling during the range of maneuvers the vehicle initiates.

  • Fuel Efficient & Comfortable

Incorporating fuel-efficient design elements, such as the silica-infused gel compounds used in the tread material, lower the rolling resistance further decreasing friction between the road and the tires. Such elements come together to aid in reducing fuel consumption. Hercules’s tires are already priced economically and the added fuel savings are a bonus on top.

The addition of the tread materials into the design does not hamper the company’s dedication to distribute tires that provide comfort and stability. Along with fuel-efficient properties, the brand employs semi-solid center ribbing, in its tires, to ensure stability and comfort. Our published Hercules Tires review of the Tour 4.0 Plus, concluded that the tire was a solid budget tire which provided stability and great traction on dry and wet surfaces.

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