Road Hugger Tire Reviews

Road Hugger Tires is a private label brand of tires manufactured by Asian tire brands such as Kumho and Nitto for the discount tire company. The manufacturers of these tires are renowned for high-quality tires produced through advanced manufacturing processes, utilizing state of the art machinery. The brands offers ultra-high performance tires (UHP) that are affordably priced.

The Discount Tire Company sells Road Hugger tires throughout the United States through an extensive regional distribution center, as well as through its online portal The company outsources production in an effort to sell these products at a lower price point than average UHP options are sold by the larger tire brands. The brand’s tires are designed for sedans, coupes and crossover vehicles.

Consider reading our Road Hugger Tires reviews to ascertain whether a specific model would be perfect for you.

Why Buy Road Hugger Tires?

  • Affordability

We advise you to consider purchasing a Road Hugger tire based on how affordable they are. Its tires are not offered as Original Equipment, but instead are capable replacement tires for drivers restricted by their budget.

The Road Hugger GT Ultra is available for $88, and you could outfit your vehicle with a complete set for less than $500, which is an astoundingly low price. On average a complete set of UHP tires would cost upwards of $1000.

The Discount tire company provides a great line of tires in a category where budget options are hard to find. If you’re on a strict budget yet want a good quality tire or a complete set Road Hugger is a great option.

  • Performance

Drivers purchase UHP tires because they require tires that display their vehicle’s maximum performance potential. It is unlikely to find great quality UHP tires that sell for affordable prices.

Road Hugger’s tires show brilliant performance in handling and cornering that is comparable to the performance enhancement afforded by premium UHP tires. The fact that the tires offer performance gains at such a low cost is a great reason to consider outfitting them on your vehicle.

Design Features

  • Handling

Road Hugger tires are built with a range of design elements which greatly improve the traction and grip of any vehicle they are fitted on.
The brand’s tires are manufactured with an all-season tread compound, and paired with an asymmetric tread pattern. Drivers can expect constant grip on both dry and wet roads, thanks to the tread design. Its tires utilize a solid center rib to maintain stability allowing drivers to drive at high-speeds while also improving your vehicle’s braking and accelerating abilities.

The brand greatly augments cornering stability by designing tires with shoulder blocks and ribs that allow drivers to negotiate corners while driving fast. Our Road Hugger Tires review of the GT Ultra found that the tire provided exemplary traction on dry and wet roads with great cornering performance.