Mickey Thompson Tire Reviews

Named after the American motor sporting legend, which it shares its name with; Mickey Thompson Tires has been designing tires for the enthusiast market since 1963. Participation in motorsports events either through sponsorships, or by supplying tires has positioned the company effectively. It has long been considered as the ‘go-to brand’ for drivers looking for the highest quality tires with racing sensibilities.

The manufacturer designs tires in various ranges suited for trucks, muscle cars, sports cars, and drag racers. The brand is known for creating premium quality tires that are track tested to ensure performance like none other. Whether you’re looking to conquer dunes, trails, or highways Mickey Thompson’s tires are suited to fulfill your needs.

Our Mickey Thompson reviews have comprehensively covered a majority of the great light truck tires the brand has produced. We have found its designs to be among the best truck tires in the market.

Why Buy Mickey Thompson?

  • Racing Heritage

The Motorsports industry is a highly competitive environment where drivers strive to gain even the smallest of advantages. A tire manufacturer can only beat the competition by designing tires that drastically reduce lap times and offer optimum maneuverability.

Whether you’re a thoroughbred professional with years of experience, or an amateur enthusiast, to hone your skills you require an amazing tire model. Mickey Thompson was bred on the track, and its heritage; with multiple wins in racing events, reveals it as a brand that will help you realize your ambitions.

Furthermore, the brand collaborates with professional drivers in an effort to assimilate their wisdom in the creation of the perfect tire. The company worked with racecar driver Brian Deegan to create the Deegan 38, a great mud terrain tire meant for trucks and SUV’s.

  • Specialized

Mickey Thompson Tires creates a small range of products; unlike your standard tire manufacturer it does not manufacture a product catalog for multiple purposes.
A cursory glance at online retailers or your local dealership will reveal that the brand only offers tires in 3 categories, which are:

  1. Truck Tires
  2. Street Tires
  3. Drag Tires

Its highly specialized tires are designed for a singular purpose and are meant to be the best in their class. Drivers buying a particular model can rest-assured, knowing that the tire they’ve chosen will satisfy their needs.

Design Features

  • Handling

The brand’s truck and street tires have a range of performance enhancing features that start from the compound material used in their manufacturing, and go all the way up to the asymmetric tread pattern crafted.

Mickey Thompson tires are manufactured with a special 5-rib tread pattern to increase the stability of vehicles. The design also provides for superior cornering ability without a significant loss in speed. The compound structure utilized ensures high performance; regardless of prevailing weather conditions as the steering remains responsive, and drivers maintain precise control of their vehicle.

  • Durability

Durability is a design feature that the brand must address in each design; after all, the company is a premium truck tire manufacturer.

The 3-ply construction creates an extremely tough sidewall which staves off bruising associated with tread wear. The tires are further reinforced through the use of silica gel in the tread compound, which enables the tire to remain cut and chip resistant.

Our Mickey Thompson tire review of the Baja Claw concluded it to be a strong and robust tire that functioned well on challenging mountainous terrains.

Mickey Thompson Tire Reviews

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