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Nitto Tires is a Japanese company that was founded in 1949, for almost 30 years Nitto satisfied local demand along with export, until they were acquired by Toyo Tires. Nitto continues to function as subsidiaries of Toyo, but are now headquartered in the U.S and exclusively make tires for the North-American market.

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Nitto gained immense popularity during the ’90s as Japanese export tuner cars garnered widespread appeal. The company targeted that market offering a great range of high-performance tires. To this day Nitto Tires is known for making some of the highest quality tires that improve a vehicles acceleration, braking, and cornering abilities.

Our published Nitto Tire reviews, have found the Nitto Motivo, and the Nitto Trail Grappler M/T as two of the best tires designed by the brand due to their suite of features.

Why Buy Nitto?

  • Varied Tire Designs

Nitto designs its tire with a range of features that are able to handle all kinds of road conditions; such as dry, wet, or snow affected roads.

The company designs tires geared towards fulfilling their individual roles with finesse. Be it the Nitto NT 555 Extreme Performance, which is a high-performance summer radial, or the Nitto NT850 Plus that offers all-season capabilities, each tire is designed with care and emphasis on its featured purpose.

  • Great Quality

Nitto engineers have perfected each tire they develop. Starting by choosing the right raw materials; the rubber and polymer that will form the finished tire, to the manufacturing process, which must go through quality checks at each step.

The engineers put each tire through its paces, subjecting it to their testing environment, where computers aid in analyzing each tire to ensure they meet Nitto requirements. Metrics such as noise output, traction levels, and cornering ability, are thoroughly tested.

Stringent testing policies have enabled Nitto to create exceptionally high-quality tires that provide great value for money. Our Nitto Tire reviews have found Nitto tires to display exceptional build quality.

  • Feature Rich

Nitto Tires makes a conscious decision to craft tires for both, car enthusiasts as well as standard drivers that are concerned more with mileage instead of performance improvements.

The company creates tires in three different categories, each with varying features to meet the specific challenges faced by different drivers. Passenger car tires that vary in sizes; from 15 to 24 inches, cover sedans, minivans, CUV’s, and SUV’s. These are standard every day tires with features that provide comfort and stability.

Light truck tires that excel in challenging off-road conditions feature an improved grip, and go as far as providing excellent comfort for long distance hauling on highways and interstates, as is possible.

Finally, Nitto also creates ultra-high-performance competition tires that are track tested and recommended by race car drivers. The feature set incorporated in these tires increases traction and cornering ability – allowing extraordinary maneuverability at high speeds.

Design Features

  • Handling

Nitto tires are designed with racing sensibilities, which means that handling is a priority focus in each tire model. The buyer expects race car like precision steering, and optimum grip when performing sharp turns, which is what the company keeps in mind.

By creating tires with asymmetric tread patterns and center ribs, Nitto provides consistent traction on straights, and even during high-speed cornering. Our Nitto Tire Review of the Nitto NeoGen ZR pays special mention to the improved handling on offer.

  • Durability & Comfort

Nitto harnesses materials effectively to create tires that are both durable and comfortable. Its tires offer great stability when powering down city streets and highways, unhindered by the presence of cracked roads or light debris.

The company creates tires with spiral construction, ensuring a sturdy tire that rides smoothly over all surfaces. Sidewalls are deliberately designed to stave off rocks to increase occupant comfort levels, while making the tire more durable as it resists premature bruising.

  • Pricing & Longevity

Nitto differentiates themselves from the competition by providing premium tires, priced lower than those of competitors. Although at a lower price point, its tires provide excellent value for money with the same feature set.

To complement their economically priced tires, Nitto includes longevity, thus creating long-lasting tires that will keep performing over many miles, with the average tread warranty being around 50,000 miles. Delve into our Nitto Tire reviews if you’re interested in knowing more about a specific Nitto tire.

Best-Selling Nitto Tires

Nitto has created several quality tires over their years of service that have handled the specific needs they have been designed for. Its tires provide fantastic utility for customers, who have been left completely satisfied. Some of the company’s best offerings are:

  • Nitto Dura Grappler

Created for trucks that will be used to haul light to medium cargo, these tires are able to provide your pickup trucks with an added load-bearing capacity, maintaining a smooth and stable ride over the distance.

  • Nitto NT555 G2

The NT555 G2 is an ultra-high-performance tire created for sedans and sports coupes, designed with an attractive tread pattern the tire delivers exceptional handling regardless of the driving surface’s condition.

  • Nitto Motivo

The Motivo is an all-season ultra-high performance tire. It is a testament to how a combination of different smart technologies can result in creating a near perfect tire that performs ably all year around. The tire offers a 60,000-mile tread warranty, and its sturdy build means that it can resist deterioration and last for longer. The Motivo has been featured in our Nitto Tire Reviews

Industry Recognition

  • Ultra4 National Championship Winners

Wayland Campbell, a Team Nitto driver, won the 2017 Ultra4 National Championship by finishing third in the race. His vehicle was outfitted with Nitto Trail Grapplers that provided the enhanced gripping force needed to stay ahead of the competition.


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