Kanati Tire Reviews

Kanati Tires is a brand owned by Greenball, which itself has been designing tires for over 35 years. The brand was established in 2010 and manufactures specialty tires for trucks, and UTV’s. The aim of the brand is to offer all-terrain capabilities for drivers that require powerful mobility over rough terrain conditions.

The brand is American owned, but the tires are manufactured at facilities in Indonesia in order to minimize production costs. By outsourcing production, the brand is able to sell its tires at a competitive price point, which is significantly lower than competitor models.

Read our Kanati Tires review of the Mud Hog which is an excellent tire to outfit your truck with for both on-road and off-road application.

Why Buy Kanati Tires?

  • Enthusiast Needs

Off-road terrain features challenging surfaces including sand, mud, gravel, and rocky terrain. A standard tire cannot absorb the pressure of impacting such surfaces, and will eventually suffer a puncture.

Even if there is no significant damage a normal tire is not meant to operate on rough terrains and drivers will not enjoy the experience. Kanati specially manufactures its tires to provide excellent mobility no matter how threatening the landscape is.

Tires are designed as durable constructions that provide excellent power. For enthusiasts that enjoy the great outdoors, or individuals that drive over trails and mountain paths for purposes of work, the brand’s designs are ideal for you.

  • Excellent Value

Generally, specialized tires that provide performance enhancements similar to Kanati’s tires are priced exorbitantly. Specialty tires are the result of advanced technology and processes that produce high-quality products; as such their production costs necessitate high prices. The brand unlike other manufacturers, creates tires for dedicated purposes, and thus prices its tires at competitive prices.

The excellent combination of quality, durability, and performance ensure that each Kanati tire provides excellent value. Whether you’re a driver looking for a strong set of tires for daily use, or for fun over the weekend, Kanati tires offer great performance at a good price.

Design Features

  • Durability

Kanati’s tires are manufactured with a 3-ply sidewall construction, which results in greatly enhanced puncture resistance. Its tires are manufactured with tread compounds that are resistant to bruising along with aggressive tread patterns molded with lugs and shoulders to enhance durability on rugged terrains.

Tire longevity diminishes with the build-up of debris and dirt within the treads, the brand counters this by manufacturing its tires with self-cleaning abilities. As its tires roll over surfaces they eject clogged debris and allow for longer running.

  • Grip and Comfort

The manufacturer introduces elements such as variable angle treads. These are specially designed to reduce noise output and maintain traction. Through its large lug design – with a greater void ratio – the tire maintains a consistent grip on the toughest of surfaces. The large contact patches on the brand’s tires offer excellent steering responses on roads. Our Kanati Tires review of the Mud Hog found the on-road performance and low noise output of the tire as two of its greatest features.

Kanati Tires

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