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Headquartered in Ohio, USA, Cooper is an American tire manufacturer that has been in the business for over 100 years. Founded in 1914, Cooper manufactures tires for passenger cars, trucks, and SUVs.

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The tires they manufacture include specialized tires that function in specific weather conditions such as, all-season, winter, and summer tires. However they also create tires for specific road conditions such as all-terrain, highway, and off-road tires.

The various tire options Cooper provides features a range of technologies, and design features that enable its tires to perform exceptionally well for specific terrain, or weather types. These design elements include technologies such as wet performance, dry performance, handling, low noise output, and tread life.

This comprehensive Cooper Tires review will inform you of the practices and design features that Cooper integrates in its manufacturing process, and how their practices have resulted in industry-wide recognition.

What Sets Them Apart?

  • Emphasis on Durability

Poor tire durability can be attributed to a manufacturing defect, or an oversight during the development and testing stage. Cooper Tires focuses on delivering the best quality tread for each tire they manufacture, to provide the consumer with a sturdy and long-lasting tire that will not require immediate replacement.

Poor durability results in a shortened tread life, with the tire suffering bruising, and the tread quickly wearing out; leading to a further loss of traction. Cooper provides a warranty on all their tires to alleviate poor tread durability concerns. The warranty stipulates that in case the tire becomes unserviceable; with tread depth remaining, a free or partially paid replacement can be sought.

Cooper Tires reviews appearing on our website will inform you that Cooper goes a step further by offering a 45-day road test guarantee for specific tire models. Tire mileage warranty; the minimum mileage that consumers can expect from their purchase can be anywhere in the range of 25,000 – 90,000 miles, depending on the tire.

  • Safety

Cooper tires emphasize the importance of driver, and passenger safety. Each Cooper tire design features aspects that enable the driver to maintain their car’s grip, and handling, whether the surface is inundated with water or affected by heavy snow.

Design elements are incorporated in a tire to prevent momentary loss of control, whereas insufficient or reduced handling parameters can result in a loss of maneuverability for the driver. Cooper Tires feature wide shoulder notches, and a groove design that reduces hydroplaning and improves the tire’s grip, and control on wet roads as water egresses from the base of the wheel.

Furthermore, Cooper introduces studs, and biting edges in their tread pattern design. These dig into loose and hard snow, and provide enough traction to allow your vehicle to power through difficult terrain.

  • The Scope

Although an American company, Cooper Tires are sold, and available in more than a dozen countries all over the globe with multiple manufacturing facilities. The primary ones being located in Ohio, Melksham, and Kunshan; providing employment to over 10,000 workers.

Cooper does not diminish itself by designing tires only for sedans, it caters to Minivans, Trucks, SUV’s, and motorcycles as well. Cooper goes further by owning multiple subsidiaries across the globe through which they target specific local markets.

Cooper Tires review, will inform you that their approach towards customer satisfaction, and global availability truly cements it as a global brand, creating superior tires that are available in multiple countries. This along with their storied history of providing for passenger vehicles, and motorsport tires, details their significance as one of the better tire manufacturers.

Design Features

  • Fuel Efficient

Cooper Tires design an entire line of tires labeled with their GFE (Greater Fuel Efficiency) rating. This indicates that the tire has been designed, from the ground up, to reduce the measure of its rolling resistance, by using the latest designs and materials.

The tread compound formula enables the optimization of the tire’s fuel efficiency, providing more forward motion with less fuel burned than is found in comparison to conventional tires. The GFE tires, apart from providing lowered rolling resistance, maintain great traction and handling.

  • Handling

Cooper Tires performs extensive research to provide unparalleled handling with a firm grip on the road, and other challenging terrains. This is mentioned in most Cooper Tire reviews.

Cooper designs tire with its Adaptive traction technology that greatly improves vehicle traction on rugged landscapes. The manufacturer’s Secure Grip design incorporates a 5-rib tread pattern that provides traction on both dry and wet roads, enabling precision control by the driver when performing sharp turns at high speeds.

  • Longevity

Cooper, attempts to please its customers by providing them with a sturdy tire that will work over many miles without needing to be replaced. Such a tire is designed with the use of superior tread compounds.

Cooper manufactures tires that will provide great utility, and value for money. The company uses a specially designed silica-based gel in the tread compound mix to create a premium tire that is cut and chip resistant. Additionally, the use of this gel decreases the effect of minor bruising that occurs with use over time.

Corporate Social Responsibility

In an effort to give back to the community, Cooper Tires actively participates in community outreach programs and philanthropic activities, through which it can offer some learning. These are minor yet important activities that are otherwise not mentioned in Cooper Tire reviews.

  • Tread Wisely

With the Tread Wisely initiative, Cooper attempts to promote the best safe practices that must be adhered to, in regards to tire and vehicle safety. This campaign targets teens, and young adults who are on the cusp of owning private vehicles. Cooper holds demonstrations at school campuses and social events to inform the public.

Industry Recognition

Cooper’s resolute desire to make the best tires has resulted in them gaining industry-wide recognition, some in the shape of awards for its greatest designs.

  • Global 2018 Good Design Award

Cooper Tires’ family of Discoverer AT3 tires was selected for the Global 2018 Good Design award by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design, out of a list of 900 entries. This prestigious award recognizes breakthroughs in design technology that incorporate new materials and concepts in an attempt to further facilitate the consumer’s experience.

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