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As a subsidiary of Cooper Tires that has been crafting premium quality tires for the last 100 years, Mastercraft manufactures tires for popular vehicle types including light trucks, SUV’s, and passenger cars.

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Mastercraft Tires have been tested, designed, and sold, only in the U.S making this a homegrown quality brand, devoted to providing premium tires for the American consumer. The brand has developed a reputation for creating high-quality tires that strive to perform seamlessly in tough weather conditions whilst providing exceptional value for money.

Our Mastercraft Tire reviews have covered multiple highly successful tires manufactured by the brand such as the Mastercraft Strategy, and Mastercraft Courser AXT, to name a few.

Why Buy Mastercraft Tires

  • Premium Quality

Mastercraft Tires, as previously mentioned, are designed in the United States. Another fact not widely known is that its tires are developed at Cooper manufacturing facilities such as the facility at Texarkana, Arkansas.

The fact that its tires are designed alongside Coopers designs means that it shares manufacturing equipment and materials. Mastercraft tires are able to boast the same high quality and performance features that Cooper Tires possess.

The Mastercraft Tire reviews published on our website speaks at length about the premium quality on offer, on tires manufactured by the brand.

  • Priced Economically

The prevailing market hosts multiple brands competing against each other with homogenous products. Mastercraft Tires recognized the need for a unique selling point and positioned itself to beat the competition through price differentiation.

The tires developed by the brand possess many similar prudent design elements, which are incorporated by competitors as well. However, Mastercraft sets itself apart by selling tires for $20 – 40 cheaper than what is prevalent in the market, this means that its tires provide exceptional value for money.

For example, the Cooper Discoverer AT/3 is barely differentiable from the Mastercraft Courser AXT – both are excellent truck tires, yet the Mastercraft variants sell for cheaper than the Cooper model.

  • Multiple Options

The various types of tires designed by Mastercraft Tires provide solutions for different seasons, and terrain types. With multiple options to choose from in each category, the company boasts a range of drive-enhancing tire variety.

The Mastercraft Courser AXTs are the perfect tires to equip your trucks and SUV’s with, while the Mastercraft Strategy aims to provide a reliable summer tire for passenger vehicles. Mastercraft also provides options for drivers who perform the bulk of their driving in winter weather, with its Mastercraft Glacier Trex.

The Mastercraft Tire reviews featured on our website cover most of these tires, and other offerings from this tire manufacturer.

Design Features

  • Handling

Mastercraft doesn’t compromise on quality when it comes to the manufacturing of great tires that provide a firm grip and consistent traction throughout their useful life. Its tires are designed with features that improve the handling parameters of your vehicle.

Tires manufactured by the brand feature technologies, such as asymmetrical patterns with specially designed rigid treads that greatly improve vehicle handling on dry roads. Treads are designed with edges, and grooves that resist hydroplaning, and lock in snow within the tread to provide grip.

Drivers that most often drive on wet, and snow affected roads can attest to the dangers posed by poor handling. Mastercraft’s all-season tires caters to such drivers and offer handling improvements that will allow drivers to drive no matter the prevailing weather conditions.

  • Durability

Mastercraft Tires remain true to form, increasing their value for money by providing great mileage warranty on its tires, alongside the tire’s extreme durability.

The tires are designed with superior tread compound technology that makes them extremely flexible at high temperatures while staving off minor wear and tear. The average mileage warranty offered by its tires is 50,000 miles, with the brand further offering a 45-day road test.

The utility provided by testing the tire in that period is to assuage any misconceptions you might have when purchasing them. Our Mastercraft Tires reviews have highlighted the great durability on offer when you purchase a tire from this brand.

  • Fuel Efficient and Comfortable

Mastercraft manufactures tires which provide a pleasant driving experience while optimizing the fuel consumption of your vehicle.

Tires include the use of soft materials that are both durable, and allow for a quiet ride as they absorb and dampen the vibrations that are produced. This helps increase the comfort level for all occupants. Due to this light-weight construction, tires have less mass, and lower rolling resistance, which in turn decreases the fuel consumption of your vehicle.

The Best Mastercraft Tire Designs

With over 100 years of experience in designing tires, Mastercraft has manufactured many notable tires for different vehicle types that provide exceptional value for money. On our website, you will find highly detailed Mastercraft Tires reviews that breakdown the performance of each tire. Provided below are brief overviews of a few of the best Mastercraft tires for various vehicle types.

  • Mastercraft Strategy

The Mastercraft Strategy is designed as a standard all-season tire. The tire is meant to provide great traction all year-round while being economically priced.

The 5-rib design of the tire lessens the noise output of the vehicle, increasing passenger comfort. The Strategy is further designed with grooves and sipes that channel water away from the footprint of the tire, increasing the wet handling characteristics.

  • Mastercraft Courser AXT

The Courser AXT is a purpose-built all-terrain tire meant for pickups, SUV and 4×4’s. The design boasts multiple features that provide maximum gains allowing for amazing off-road traction.

The silica tread compound increases tread life, whereas the improved snow performance is attributable to the 5-rib tread design that increases grip on loose terrain. Furthermore, the zigzag pattern of the tire greatly expands the traction on dirt, sand, mud, and other soft terrains. A staggering 50,000 tread life warranty makes this tire a solid, long lasting investment.


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