Mastercraft Courser CXT Tire Review & Rating

The Mastercraft Courser CXT is the company’s newest tire in their lineup, and one that is beginning to gain wide popularity. Designed as a commercial traction tire, the CXT is built for all types of light duty trucks, SUV’s and commercial vans that are looking for reliable traction on or off-road, as well as increased treadwear.

Mastercraft, which is owned by Cooper Tire, uses a silica-enhanced tougher tread compound and unique Duo-Tech2 two-ply carcass construction for added strength and durability. The tread pattern features larger tread blocks and side traction blocks to protect against cuts, chips and bruises.

Mastercraft Courser CXT Tire Review

The Courser CXT sports an aggressive looking design that looks good on any truck due in part to the larger shoulder scallops. These added scallops provide additional traction on muddy terrain as well, which is a positive for this tire.

Full-depth sipes, which is another plus for the CXT, deliver enhanced traction on wet pavement, while also increasing performance off-road. These added sipes also help with grip on slush and hardpacked snow.

Mastercraft Courser CXT tires are available in a number of LT and flotation sizes that range from 15-20 inches. All sizes are M+S rated and come with a limited tread warranty.


  • Dependable on or off-road traction
  • Wet grip is better than average
  • Treadlife has shown to be very good


  • Increase ice braking/acceleration

Overall Thoughts

Mastercraft’s new Courser CXT continues in a line of good quality tires at a lower price point than many other brand name tires. Performance both on and off-road is very good. They take on dirt, gravel, sand and mud as well as the Goodyear DuraTrac in our opinion.

We would like to have seen this model carrying the mountain/snowflake emblem for severe winter service, however, traction in light to moderate snow is not bad at all. It’s on ice that you may find braking and acceleration issues.

Overall, the Courser CXT is a good choice for drivers who work at construction sites, delivery drivers or those who live in rural areas and need a reliable tire for everyday use.

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What Vehicles Will The Mastercraft Courser CXT Fit?

(This is not a complete list of ALL vehicles this tire will fit)

  • Chevrolet Express G2500, Silverado, R2500, C2500, Suburban
  • Dodge Ram 3500, Ram 2500, Sprinter 3500, Durango
  • Ford F150, F250, F350, Excursion, Econoline
  • GMC Sierra, Suburban, K2500
  • Isuzu NPR-HD
  • Nissan Titan, Armada
  • Toyota Tundra

Tire Sizes


31X10.50R15LT 109Q C OWL
33X12.50R15LT 108Q C OWL
35X12.50R15LT 113Q C OWL


LT215/85R16 115\112Q E BLK
LT235/85R16 120\116Q E BLK
LT255/85R16 123\120Q E OWL
LT225/75R16 115\112Q E BLK
LT245/75R16 120\116Q E BLK
LT265/75R16 123\120Q E OWL
LT285/75R16 126\123Q E OWL
LT315/75R16 127\124Q E OWL
LT305/70R16 124\121Q E OWL


LT235/80R17 120\117Q E BLK
LT255/80R17 121\118Q E BLK
LT245/75R17 121\118Q E OWL
LT245/70R17 119\116Q E BLK
LT265/70R17 121\118Q E OWL
LT285/70R17 121\118Q E OWL
LT295/70R17 121\118Q E OWL
LT315/70R17 121\118Q D OWL
LT305/65R17 121\118Q E OWL


LT275/70R18 125\122Q E OWL
LT295/70R18 129\126Q E BLK
LT305/70R18 126\123Q E OWL
LT275/65R18 123\120Q E OWL
LT285/65R18 125\122Q E OWL


LT275/65R20 126\123Q E BLK
LT305/55R20 121\118Q E BLK
35X12.50R20LT 121Q E BLK

Price Range

Mastercraft Courser CXT prices range from approximately $184 and up. You may also find occasional rebates, discount prices, coupons and special offers on this tire.

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Mastercraft provides a limited tread warranty on the Courser CXT.

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2 thoughts on “Mastercraft Courser CXT Tire Review & Rating

  1. Mastercraft Courser CXT
    I live a half mile off the blacktop up on a hill. A quarter mile of my driveway is very steep with switchbacks. After the hard rains we’ve had this past year, the driveway is very washed out and rough. Four-wheel drive is used every time, rain or shine, to keep from spinning tires.
    Snow is another animal all together. Tires have to be aggressive to climb or descend under control.
    I use an F150 crew cab and put these tires on a few weeks ago. I got a chance to try them on 6” to 8” of wet snow for several days recently. I did not grade the snow off just to see how these tires performed.
    They did great ! They walked up and down through that snow with no slippage. I went slow coming up out of the tracks just to see how they performed and after living here 41 years now, these are the best tires I’ve ever used. I did not come to a complete stop while coming up because I just didn’t want to spin at all if I didn’t have to, but as slow as I went, I knew they wouldn’t have any trouble starting up again.
    BF Goodrich with the big S tread pattern had been my favorites as far as traction was concerned and I actually intended to buy them this time but they are noisy so I’ve tried other designs over the years looking for one that had traction without killing my ears going down a highway.
    Luckily, my tire dealer told me about this tire when I got there. They have even deeper tread than the BF Goodrich so I liked that.
    You won’t believe how quiet these tires are on dry pavement. Cement, blacktop, chip and seal, I have all three to drive on back and forth to town. The first thing I noticed after driving away from the tire shop was the quietness while going down the highway. It didn’t matter how fast or what pavement I was on, these tires make relatively no noise. Other pickups approaching on the highway with M/S tires just roared as they came by, so my hearing is still very good.
    I have the E rated Courser CXT and the ride and handle are great. They look great too. I really thought they would be noisy as hell with this huge tread pattern but they are just the opposite of what I expected. I wanted the extra traction because the driveway is in bad shape and I don’t want to walk up in the snow. I’ve had tires that wouldn’t have made it up in the snow we just had. That’s why I’m so happy I just had to shout out about these tires.
    Compared to all the other tires I’ve used, these are in a whole class above them.

    1. Love these tires! Had them on my last truck and got 60k on them. Absolutely best in snow. Just put set on current truck after MXT’s that had 52k needed replacement. Quiet agressive tires. Living in rural farm area you want to have a reliable good pulling tire for any weather.

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