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Toyo Tires was formed in 1945; in Japan, and immediately started manufacturing tires for domestic, as well as, global use. The United States was considered a major export market, and a dramatic increase in demand, caused Toyo to expand into the U.S market in 1966.

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With over 7 decades of experience in the market, Toyo has attained its position as a leading tire manufacturer; providing excellent tires, designed with advanced materials, offering superior versatility.Our website has featured several specific Toyo Tire Reviews, covering the best offerings created by the Japanese manufacturer.

Why Buy Toyo?

  • A Catalog of Products

Toyo does not relegate itself to only designing tires for passenger cars, instead they focus on the market as a whole. This strategy allows them to create tires for several different vehicle types, and capture a greater percentage of the market.

It targets the high-end luxury car market with its Proxes series of tires, purpose-built for demanding vehicles that need specially designed tires.

The manufacturer also creates world-renowned racing tires that are sought after by professional drivers. In addition, Toyo’s Snowprox, and Open Country series of tires are designed for truck and SUV owners that need rugged tires, which remain functional in harsh terrain conditions.

  • Continuous Innovation

Toyo recognizes that it faces stiff competition from the plethora of tire manufacturers present in the market. To remain competitive, they have to continuously innovate in an effort to produce the latest technologies, and entice consumers.

Toyo inaugurated the Corporate Technology Centre in 2013, in an effort to conduct Research and Development, and to unlock the latest materials and design features. Already this has paid out dividends in the form of technologies such as Nano Balance, and Advanced Tire Operation Mode (ATOM).

The former provides minute control over the rubber material used in tires, which allows for further optimization of the tread. Whilst the latter allows Toyo to mass produce uniform tires without any fluctuation in quality.

  • Satisfying Customer Expectations

Toyo recognizes that its customers require a tire that can best the challenges posed by harsh, rugged terrain. Which leads Toyo to integrate state of the art technology in its tire to satisfy customer needs.

The Japanese manufacturer uses high-quality materials in every design. These range from using silica gel in its tread compound, to creating siping; extra cuts added to the tire’s tread, which evacuates water for improved performance on wet surfaces.

Toyo captures new consumers, and retains existing clients by providing extra features, such as a 45-day return policy if the buyer is left unsatisfied with their purchase. The above-mentioned design elements are evaluated in our Toyo Tire Reviews; featured on our website.

Design Features

  • Fuel Efficient

Toyo manufactures tires that optimize a vehicle’s fuel consumption. This has the added incentive of improving the environment as these tires help decrease the emission of CO2.

The NanoEnergy series, created by Toyo, features an E-Mark on the sidewall indicating that the design features efficient properties. It achieves this standard by designing a tread that experiences less friction, which would otherwise cause a loss of energy. Toyo’s specially designed tires have lowered rolling resistance that enables the tire to perform more revolutions whilst burning less gas.

  • Lowered Noise Output

Vehicle occupants can have their driving pleasure ruined by constant vibrations; that emit audible noise. Toyo’s tire designs feature sturdy shoulder blocks; placed intermediately, to cushion the impact against the road surface.

The tire manufacturer is thus able to minimize the noise output of the vehicle regardless of there being debris, potholes or other objects strewn across the road. Furthermore, the manufacturer combines different technologies, such as Silent-Wall that disturbs the airflow as the tire spins, resulting in lowered noise generation.

  • Superior Handling

Toyo utilizes materials, and technological innovations, in the manufacturing process to create design elements that improve vehicle handling.

The Generation S silica-infused compound, along with a directional tread design used by Toyo, provides exemplary grip and handling prowess while negotiating sharp turns. The material also provides traction on wet road surfaces.

Toyo further improves handling by creating multiple tread zones. The inner tread zones are designed to improve braking capabilities, whilst the outer zone is optimized to allow increased cornering ability.

The Toyo Tire reviews featured on our website pay special mention to the handling performance of Toyo tires.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Toyo Tire reviews generally gloss over CSR activities performed by businesses, and focus majorly on the specifics of the tire. However, this in no way implies that CSR activities do not reflect upon the brand. Toyo fulfills on its promise of crafting high-quality tires, and participating in endeavors whereby they can play the part of a change agent; positively impacting society, and the environment at large.

  • Helping the Environment

With its dedication towards contributing to a safer and healthier environment for all, Toyo has decided to forego the use of thermal energy sources in favor of natural gas.

This serves to reduce CO2 emissions by 15%, a welcome figure where damage to the environment is concerned. This is one step in Toyo’s overall strategy to incorporate environmentally-friendly methods, and design practices within their manufacturing plants.

  • Reduced Water Discharge

In light of the water crisis, and the lack of access to fresh water, Toyo Tires has recognized that corporations such as itself, have the ability to reduce water wastage, and make a change.

A working group within the company evaluates areas where Toyo could optimize the use of water to reduce wastage, and utilize it only when needed. The working group’s deliberations were able to analyze, and lower the Fukushima Rubber plant’s intake of water to 66,000 cubic meters, after renovation work.

Industry Recognition

  • BrandLaureate Best Brands Award 2016-2017

Toyo’s series of high-performance tires; Proxes, was the recipient of the BrandLaureate best brand award.

The judging criteria took into consideration various factors such as brand culture, strategy, equity, and performance. The judges deemed Toyo worthy of exemplifying great business tactics, and social practices, as well as showcasing great brand values. These astute business practices are reflected in the design of their superior tires, which have been covered in our Toyo Tire reviews.

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