Pirelli Tire Reviews

The Italian tire company, Pirelli, is the world’s 5th largest tire manufacturer, with product availability in over 150 countries; thanks to its 19 manufacturing plants located globally. Pirelli has become famous for designing premium high quality tires that offer solutions for average customers, and driving enthusiasts alike.

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Pirelli’s collaboration with Formula 1’s governing body has enabled it to become the sole tire provider for each racing team participating in the prestigious competition; further marketing the company to a global audience.

Apart from motorsports, Pirelli tires are sought after by various car manufacturers for their high-end, and luxury car models, which use Pirelli as their Original Equipment Manufacturer. We have conducted several Pirelli Tires reviews to ascertain the validity of claims stating that Pirelli designs some of the best tires.

Why Buy Pirelli Tires?

  • Their Cost Is Justified

As a manufacturer of premium tires, Pirelli stands out due its tire designs that integrate functionality, and comfort along with the overall driving experience they wish to provide for their customers.

The brands tires, though priced more than its counterparts, are designed with the finest materials, undergoing production processes that create a high quality product justifying the price tag on each tire.

The combination of features integrated into each tire enables it to meet driving challenges while their durability creates a near-perfect product. The fact that Pirelli tires are created with premium materials means they do not need to be replaced often, and are a worthy investment in the long-run.

  • Motorsports

Another important factor to consider when deciding to buy Pirelli tires is the fact that they are outfitted on each Formula 1 racecar, which is perhaps the most popular sporting event worldwide.

In a single Formula 1 race, teams collectively go through 1700 tires. For tires to undertake such demanding tasks while delivering exceptional utility requires concentrated effort towards designing the highest quality tire. The company’s research facilities are the backbone for its design innovations, and tire testing.

The learning achieved through participation in motorsports events has undoubtedly trickled down into its consumer-tire market with similar features being incorporated. This ensures that a purchase of Pirelli tires will greatly enhance the driving experience.

  • Technology

Pirelli, as previously stated, has multiple manufacturing facilities spread out globally. It further adds to this by running an extensive research and development (R&D) division.

It employs 1800 people, in 11 different countries, in an effort to unlock, and harness innovative new technologies that can be added to improve tire performance. The company further collaborates with 28 universities to foster excellence while using the brightest young minds.

All this is done to create new materials, processes, software, and electronics that can be utilized in the future. The fact that Pirelli is continuously looking to advance tire technology places consumers in safe hands knowing that each tire has been meticulously analyzed and tested, to create perfection.

Design Features

  • Driving Comfort

The company provides a comfortable driving experience through all of its tire variants by incorporating comfort-enhancing features into them.

The Pirelli Noise Cancelling system provides superior comfort to its occupants by minimizing tire related noises, and vibrations associated with driving on rough and uneven roads. It further adds the Pirelli Self Supporting Run Flat technology in tires, which provides an additional layer of safety. Pirelli’s customer base rests assured knowing that they will never be stranded in the middle of nowhere, with a puncture.

  • Handling

Pirelli has been able to craft ultra-high-performance tires that are compatible with some of the most powerful vehicles such as the McLaren P1. The company’s success is due to the excellent handling, and traction provided by its tires.

The asymmetric tread pattern, with the wide circumferential and lateral grooves, resists hydroplaning and tire deformation whilst providing exceptional handling parameters. The shoulder design features wide blocks, which are designed by Pirelli to enhance the tire’s lateral grip; needed for necessary traction when cornering at high speeds.

  • Safety and Durability

Pirelli-designed tires are crafted to perfection to be strong and durable, which provides safety to the tire and as a result, the driver.

Most tires designed by the company feature a strong internal structure that adds to its overall durability. The design is constructed with twin steel belts; reinforced by nylon cap plies. This increases the durability of the tire when driving fast.

The specially molded tires are designed to promote an even wearing-out tendency; intended to delay premature deterioration. Pirelli further incorporates the use of Nano-composites to protect the casing of the tire.

Pirellis Best Designs

Pirelli has manufactured some amazing tires over the years. The Pirelli P-Zero has become a name synonymous with super-cars. However, the manufacturer has constructed other tires that have been just as well received. Our Pirelli tire reviews cover many of the company’s best-ever tires. We have listed down a select few below

  • Pirelli P-Zero

The P-Zero provides all-season capabilities in a tire design that provides precise handling, excellent stopping power, and great acceleration. With these benefits on offer this is the perfect tire for high performance vehicles.

The specially designed tread compound is infused with silica, and polymers allowing equal grip on dry, and wet roads. With the tire only suffering in heavy snow conditions, this is one of the best Ultra-high-performance tires ever created.

  • Pirelli Cinturato P7

The Cinturato has been molded to provide increased traction, in-drive comfort, and fuel efficiency – by lowering rolling resistance. The unique polymer-build provides the tire with extraordinary grip and traction.

An asymmetric tread pattern, with accompanying shoulder blocks, improves the cornering grip of the vehicle while increasing the responsiveness of the steering. The twin steel belt design makes this a sturdy and long-lasting tire. Owners of sports coupes, and sedans should look to purchase the Cinturato P7.

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