Nexen Tire Reviews and Research

The Korean Tire manufacture has been designing great tires for the last 71 years, with its operations commencing in 1941.

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The company has managed to differentiate itself by creating quality tires optimized to render great driving capabilities at significantly lower, comparative prices. Nexen is not a premium manufacturer, and is considered a secondary choice for replacement tires. This ranks the company with the minor leagues, and not in direct competition with industry leaders.

Read our published Nexen Tires reviews for an in-depth analysis to help you judge for yourself whether the functionality provided by the brand’s tires is suitable for you.

Why buy Nexen?

  • Emphasis on Technology

Nexen stays ahead of the competition by constantly striving to improve, and harness the latest technologies, in its pursuit to design feature-rich tires. The company has set up multiple Research and Development (R&D) facilities in Europe, America, and China, to leverage the smartest minds from various countries in each continent.

  • Testing

The manufacturer has created what it calls the Nexen Tire Vehicle Dynamic Testing Grounds; a proving ground where its latest tire designs are put to the test. Through rigorous testing, Nexen ensures its tires meet the high-quality benchmarks set by its engineers.

  • Automated Manufacturing

Nexen has created advanced manufacturing facilities where the bulk of the production processes are performed by automated robots. This insistence on automation ensures that uniform tires are created, free of human error.

Design Features

  • Handling

Nexen’s tires are designed to increase the handling capability of vehicles. The tires are designed with ribbed asymmetric treads that are aesthetically pleasing, and greatly enhance the grip.

The company’s tires are designed for consistent premium performance that doesn’t decrease when subjected to rain and snow. The biting edges laced within the tread pattern provide a gripping force that ensures the necessary grip when cornering and braking on wet roads.

  • Durability

Nexen tires are crafted with intricately-designed silica tread compounds, molded with rubber to create extremely durable tires. Due to the robust build, these tires last over thousands of miles. The company’s tires do not quickly succumb to wear and tear, which enforce immediate replacements. This ensures each tire provides the value for money it promises.

  • Stability & Comfort

The polyester casing covering Nexen tires is designed to decrease the noise and vibrations emitted into the vehicle compartment, hindering a comfortable driving experience. The company’s tires, when running over debris and cracks, produce comparatively less noise. The internal structure of the tire is manufactured with twin steel belts to ensure optimum balance even at high speeds.

Industry Recognition

Good Design Award 2018
The Winguard Sport 2 is an ultra-high performance radial tire meant for tackling even the harshest winter conditions. It won the Good Design Award for its excellent performance, and exceptional grip and stability on snowy roads. The unique tread, designed with zigzag grooves and shoulder blocks, resists hydroplaning and increases force generation when on wet and snowy surfaces.

Originally established in 1942 as Heung-A Tire, Nexen Tire has over 60 years of tradition as a respected leader in the tire industry. Acknowledged as Korea’s first tire company, we first began car tire production in 1956.

Over 30 years later, in 1985, the company was expanded through the construction of a radial tire factory in Yangsan, Korea. Through an alliance six years later with a Japanese company, OHTSU Tire & Rubber, we furthered our technological know-how and manufacturing capabilities.

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High Performance Summer

Nexen N3000

Nexen Nfera SU1

Nexen N’Fera AU7

High Performance All-Season

Nexen CP641

Nexen CP672

Nexen N5000

Nexen N5000 Plus

Nexen N7000

Nexen N7000 Plus

Touring All-Season

Nexen CP661

Nexen CP662

Nexen N Priz AH8

Standard All-Season

Nexen Aria AH7

Nexen CP671

Nexen N’Priz AH5

Winter Tires

Nexen Winguard Winspike

Light Truck / SUV / Crossover

Nexen CP521

Nexen Nfera RU5

Nexen Roadian 541

Nexen Roadian 542

Nexen Roadian AT

Nexen Roadian AT II

Nexen Roadian A/T Pro RA8

Nexen Roadian HP SUV

Nexen Roadian HT LT

Nexen Roadian HT SUV

Nexen Roadian HTX RH5

Nexex Roadian MT

Nexen Roadian MTX