Nexen Tire Reviews

What was originally Korea’s first tire company in 1956, turned into Nexen Tires and has quickly become one of the better budget-tire lines on the market today.

Originally established in 1942 as Heung-A Tire, Nexen Tire has over 60 years of tradition as a respected leader in the tire industry. Acknowledged as Korea’s first tire company, we first began car tire production in 1956.

Over 30 years later, in 1985, the company was expanded through the construction of a radial tire factory in Yangsan, Korea. Through an alliance six years later with a Japanese company, OHTSU Tire & Rubber, we furthered our technological know-how and manufacturing capabilities.

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High Performance Summer

Nexen N3000

Nexen Nfera SU1

High Performance All-Season

Nexen CP641

Nexen CP672

Nexen N5000

Nexen N5000 Plus

Nexen N7000

Nexen N7000 Plus

Touring All-Season

Nexen CP661

Nexen CP662

Nexen N Priz AH8

Standard All-Season

Nexen Aria AH7

Nexen CP671

Nexen N’Priz AH5

Light Truck / SUV / Crossover

Nexen CP521

Nexen Nfera RU5

Nexen Roadian 541

Nexen Roadian 542

Nexen Roadian AT

Nexen Roadian AT II

Nexen Roadian A/T Pro RA8

Nexen Roadian HP SUV

Nexen Roadian HT LT

Nexen Roadian HT SUV

Nexen Roadian HTX RH5

Nexex Roadian MT

Nexen Roadian MTX