Nexen Roadian MTX Tire Review & Rating

New for the summer of 2018, the Nexen Roadian MTX is the company’s latest mud-terrain tire that is designed for serious off-road use, while being mild-mannered on the street.

The Roadian MTX (Mud Terrain Xtreme) a new cut and chip resistant tread compound that is matched up to an optimized tread pattern which is built to maximize traction and stability on or off-road. There’s also a 3-ply sidewall for handling heavier loads and delivering better overall protection, and Nexen has sizes that come with an F load rating.

Nexen Roadian MTX Tire Beast Sidewall Look

Nexen Roadian MTX Tire Machine Sidewall Look

Another feature that makes this model a little more unique over other MT tires is their use of a dual sidewall design. One side is a ‘machine’ look that is less aggressive in its looks, while the other side sports a more aggressive ‘beast’ look.

Larger lugs provide increased traction in mud, sand and rock, which is a strength on this tire. Nexen engineers have promised “silent performance on highway terrain” through the optimized tread design, which could be a game changer for the tire industry. We are anxious to find out how true this is.

Nexen has added a rim protector to guard against damaging expensive rims from rocks, logs and other debris. Individual sizes have not been released at this time, but will be available in 16-20 inches. Flotation sizes from 33-37 inches will also be available later in 2018. A limited tread warranty is included on all sizes.

We will do a full review on the Roadian MTX once it becomes available.

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