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Federal Tires is a Taiwanese tire manufacturing company that has been in the industry since 1954. The company has had contractual agreements with Bridgestone and Sumitomo whereby it has manufactured tires for both. Its collaboration with two of the tire industry’s major contenders proved fruitful in terms of the technical knowledge gained, and the improvement seen in the quality of its tires.

The company creates tires for passenger vehicles of all types; be it sedans, minivans, SUV’s, and CUV’s. It further manufactures tires for light trucks, as well as the commercial truck and bus industry. Not only does Federal Tires manufacture high-quality tires, it also provides optimized radials that enable drivers to continue enjoying their driving experience.

Read through our Federal Tire review of the brand’s summer and light truck tires to understand better the performance benefits of each.

Why buy Federal?

  • Range of Options

Federal manufactures a multitude of models each geared towards enhancing a particular aspect. Its winter tires provide extra grip for snowed out roads, whereas its standard tires are designed with the driver’s comfort, and the vehicle’s maneuverability in mind.

Other than tires designed to conquer the snow, the manufacturer’s tire range includes:

  1. Ultra High-Performance Tires
  2. High-Performance Tires
  3. Passenger Car Touring Tires
  4. Sports Utility Vehicle Tires

The brand’s practical approach; providing solutions for the majority of drivers out there, allows it to position itself as a viable tire manufacturer whose designs should be considered seriously.

  • Motorsports

Federal Tires is a familiar name for motorsports fans. The company’s participation in racing events; in an effort to promote themselves, has yielded agreements through which the company has been the official tire supplier for entire events.

To remain active in the sphere of competitive motorsports, and render great, high-quality tire designs continuous improvement and innovation is needed. The learnings achieved extend out in the design of the company’s standard and ultra-high performance tires available for the general consumer market.

Thus, when buying a Federal tire, the average driver has the advantage of attaining a sturdy set of tires, featuring design trends normally found in tires crafted specifically for racing.

Design Features

  • Durability

The manufacturer designs tires for competitive drifting. These tires must be extremely durable to withstand the pressure needed, and the heat produced, which would burn out standard tires.

Additionally, robust tires are also needed for the consumer market. Federal designs sturdy tires by utilizing the perfect blend of a rubber compound infused with Silica-gel. This compound decreases deterioration by increasing the tire’s tread life.

Drivers can enjoy their new purchase thoroughly without having to worry about quick replacements. The tire’s tread design; along with its highly tensile internal structure, remains resistant to cuts, chips, and the natural aging of rubber, while enhancing mileage.

  • Handling

Federal’s tires are purposefully manufactured to improve traction, grip, and handling. A vehicle’s performance can be greatly enhanced by improving on each of these tire traits.

Furthermore, improved handling in winter-tires increases the amount of traction offered, making sure that drivers stay safe, and in control. The brand‘s tires showcase high stability, and a sure-footed grip due to the wide treads, coupled with accompanying sturdy sidewalls.

The company’s tread design incorporates the use of deep sipes and grooves that allow greater control during rain and snow. The tire’s highly rigid internal structure allows consistent stability during cornering.

The implementation of all these varying technologies; in an effort to increase handling, greatly impacts the tire’s ability to provide exceptional overall control, a sentiment shared in our Federal Tires reviews

Summer High Performance

Federal 595 Evo


Light Truck / SUV / Crossover

Federal Couragia A/T

Federal Couragia F/X

Federal Couragia M/T

Federal Couragia XUV

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