Forceum Tire Reviews

Forceum tires have been made in Indonesia since 1996; the brand is now considered a formidable presence in the industry, and has expanded its business to more than 90 countries during the last two decades. 

Its products are built with a strong emphasis on safety and improved driver comfort. Forceum builds tires for a variety of uses and for a diverse range of vehicles. However, that’s not all it is famous for. 

Forceum has garnered a reputation for creating exclusive tire sizes for modified vehicles and tuners. Usually, it is difficult to find distinctive tire designs and sizes in the market for such one-of-a-kind vehicles, but Forceum has cornered this market with its unique tires. 

Its products also have a good reputation thanks to wide tire fittings and low profile setups that ensure a great driving experience. 

Why Buy Forceum Tires?

Forceum tires have quickly gained popularity thanks to their superior quality and affordable pricing. These are some of the reasons why people choose Forceum Tires:

Superior Quality

These are built with state-of-the-art technology, with a strong emphasis on delivering high quality to end-users. This requires excellence in design, materials as well as the manufacturing process – and the resulting product is truly up to the mark.

In addition, the tires are thoroughly tested for use before they are brought to the market. 

The brand ensures that their manufacturing process is environmentally friendly which ensures that CO2 emissions are minimized during production. 

In short, you’ll find that handling, cornering and even driving during rain is a pleasure when you have Forceum tires. 

Tires For All Needs

People buy tires for various reasons – some drivers may require fuel-efficiency, while others are looking for a wet-performance tire that won’t let them down. 

Forceum offers an entire repertoire of tires for SUVs, 4x4s, commercial vehicles and your regular passenger cars as well. Each of these categories include several varieties of tires for you to select from. 

For example, the Forceum Octa is an all-season tire for passenger cars, featuring a low-noise asymmetrical pattern. 

On the other hand, the Forceum Penta is the company’s modern take on SUV tires; it promises a stable driving experience, even on wet roads. 

Engineered For Modified Vehicles

One of the easiest ways to get the best out of your modified car is to get the right tires according to size and use. 

Forceum produces high-quality, high-performance tires with directional, asymmetrical and symmetrical tread blocks, one of which is right for your car. These tires are wider than usual and offer sturdy sidewall protection.

Design Features

Superior Traction

Forceum Tires have a really good grip on the road; this gives drivers the ability to brake faster, accelerate safely and stay stable even when driving at higher speeds. Each tire from the Forceum range has been designed to provide traction in particular types of road conditions and weather. 

So when buying these tires, make sure you keep local weather and driving conditions in mind at all times.

Low Noise

Screeching wheels make for an unpleasant driving experience for the driver. A quiet, comfortable ride is always the goal, no matter the terrain – if you believe this, then Forceum tires are the right choice for you. 

These tires are perfect for a peaceful driving experience, keeping any hums, whistles or squeals to a minimum, regardless of whether you are driving a 4×4 or a normal 4 door passenger vehicle.


The Forceum product-line offers tire selections that are designed to last longer and perform better, while saving fuel and decreasing emissions. All of this happens with no compromise on performance or functionality.

The secret to the fuel-saving performance of these tires is a silica rubber compound that creates low-resistance tread while ensuring that the traction doesn’t take a hit. In turn, this increases the life of your tires while enabling a comfortable drive. 

Bestselling Forceum Tires

The company has created some extraordinary products over the last twenty years. Here are some of the best Forceum tires:

The Forceum M/T 08

Also known as ‘The Mud-Terrain Tire’, this one has an excellent reputation for all-weather traction. The unique design gives it an excellent grip on the road, in wet, dry and even winter conditions. 

The tread is open and self-cleaning, so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in mud or snow. This means that the vehicle maintains traction and provides a good grip throughout your journey. 

Similarly, the wide grooves in the tread resist hydroplaning by directing water away from it – and this is what makes it the perfect tires for extreme weather conditions. 

Keep in mind though that this tire is meant for off-road use and are not designed for highway driving. If you are into extreme sports and pushing your 4×4 to its limits, then this is the best Forceum tire model one for you. 

Forceum Hexa-R High Performance All Season Tires

The Hexa-R is a high-performance premium tire for passenger vehicles. This model works very well at high speeds, and provides excellent traction and stability during all-weather conditions. 

The V-shaped tread blocks are in contact with the road at all times, keeping the car steady and firm despite high speeds. The design also lends itself well to avoiding the dangers of hydroplaning; enhancing the vehicle’s wet traction for long periods. 

This tire is in demand because it enhances the driver’s cornering ability, giving them more power through the added biting edges of the shoulder design. So no matter the weather, the vehicle is always in control and the driver can drive confidently.

Global Recognition

Forceum tires have become an international force in the tire industry. The company is also dedicated to ensuring complete compliance with safety, quality and environment-related regulations. They’ve garnered several certifications and accolades from all over the world. These include: 

  • US Department of Transportation Certification 
  • United Kingdom Accreditation Service Quality Management 
  • Indonesian National Standard Certification 
  • INMETRO Certification 
  • China Compulsory Certificate 
  • GCC Standardization Organization Certification 
  • Economic Commission for Europe Certification 

6 thoughts on “Forceum Tire Reviews

  1. Stay away from Forceum tires. they claim to have a warranty against defects but in fact you will never here back from the manufacturer. I purchased 4 Forceum Octa highperformance tires in June through Priority Tire in June. I recently experienced a blowout on one tire with less than 800 miles on it. I sent all the photos and backup requested by Priority Tire on August 5, 2021. Here we are almost 5 weeks later and I still haven’t heard back from the mnaucaturer. Priority tire will do nothing to help you out further than passing the info along to Forceum. Bad customer support.

  2. Do not buy these tires. The companies warranty is useless. I just recently experienced a defect in one of the four tires I just purchased with less than 1000 miles on it. I filed a claim through Priority Tire and I still haven’t heard back from the manufacturer in regards to a replacement. Priority Tire and Forceum are bad news.

  3. I purchased my vehicle six months ago and I already need two new front tires. I have the M/T 4×4 truck tires 33×12.50 R20
    LT 114Q. I have a 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 4×4 Truck. Is it because of my location that I live? I live in Alabama but not in the woods nor snow .I live at a apartment complex and mostly on the regular highway. They were Brand new when I purchased the truck. I love how they look on my truck but are these the right tires for the location that I live? The two back tires are still brand new.

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