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Atturo Tires is a well-known tire manufacturer that designs exquisite tires. The brand is dedicated to manufacturing tires for light trucks, SUV’s, and crossovers. It targets this segment with a range of products that have premium quality, but are priced affordably to allow availability for a wider demographic.

The company was launched in 2010 and manufactures its tires in facilities located in Taiwan and Thailand, which allows the business the ability to satisfy demand in both the U.S and Europe. Atturo designs tires in several categories such as High performance and ultra-high performance; optimized for summer driving on streets and highways.

Its winter tires provide mobility over snow, slush, and ice – while its off-road tires are specially designed to best the challenges posed by harsh terrains. Lastly, the brand also produces tires intended for commercial vehicles.
Read our Atturo Tires reviews to determine which tire designed by the brand would be perfect for your truck or SUV.

Why Buy Atturo Tires?

  • Great Quality

Atturo is a relatively new entrant in the tire industry and it is incorrectly assumed that it lacks the experience its competitors possess.

However, even though the brand has been in the business for less than a decade, its manufacturing facilities have been designing tires for a combined total of 80 years. Additionally, its production operations have the experience and the technical knowledge needed to render great quality tires.

  • Affordability

A full set of truck or SUV tires on average cost a minimum of $1000. Atturo has entered the market and positioned itself to provide great quality at an affordable price.

Instead of offering tires at exorbitant sums, the manufacturer sells premium quality designs in the mid-range price bracket. The brand’s tires offer great versatility through their expansive feature set, and perform on par with higher-priced competitors. The value for money provided has been affirmed in our Atturo Tires reviews for the majority of its products.

Design Features?

  • Durability

The main motivators in a drivers purchase decision are the build quality of the tire, and mileage each model offers. Truck and SUV owners want a tough and long lasting design which will survive impact against rough road surfaces.

Atturo manufactures its tires with a solid internal structure; a stiff 3-ply sidewall allows for increased load capacity and protection by creating a sturdy tire, which can maintain its shape. Durability is further bolstered by shoulder lugs, which protect the tire from jagged rocks and debris causing bruising.

In addition to the existing durability, the manufacturer provides a 45,000-mile warranty on several of its products.

  • Grip

The specialized mountain truck tires manufactured by the brand provide drivers with extensive grip. Without it, mobility on loose rock surfaces, and snow becomes dangerous.

Through the tread block designs; which allow for the incorporation of unique shapes, Atturo’s tires provide an excellent gripping force while the lugs on the sidewall offer great traction on loose surfaces. Through these features, its tires guarantee you great control over the vehicle.

Light Truck / SUV / Crossover

Atturo AZ600

Atturo AZ800

Atturo AZ850

Atturo Trail Blade A/T

Atturo Trail Blade M/T

Atturo Trail Blade X/T

8 thoughts on “Atturo Tire Reviews

  1. Looks good and great all season traction in all kinds of North east Pennsylvania weather but I only got 25 thousand miles out of 2 of the 4 I put on my 2016 Toyota Tacoma, the other 2 might last to 29k.
    Not good for a tire advertised with a 50k mileage warranty.
    Only flaws are not making it close to advertised mileage .

  2. Atturo tires are made by Cooper, who also has a shaky reputation for poor quality tires. In less than 2 years, from the manufacture date, the AZ610 tires were developing cracks in between the treads. The Cooper tires I put on a Trailblazer were showing dry rot cracks on the sidewalls and also in the tread area, also on tires under 2 years old. Beware of Cooper and their off brands.

  3. My daughter got a set of Atturo tires installed on her SUV. After the installation she left the shop and called me to tell me that the steering wheel was shaking badly. I told her to turn around and take her SUV back to the shop. When she went back and talked to the shop manager, he ended up talking to me on the phone. He said that the tires would not balance and that each rim required more than 6 oz of weight on them to get “close” to balanced. I told him that this must be a manufacturer defect and that the tires were out of round and he agreed. He said he did not recommend them but that was the decision of corporate. She ended up getting a different set of tires. Buyer beware!

  4. THIS IS THE SHORT VERSION: I bought all 5 tires for my Jeep. All tires came defective. Jeepers 4×4 in Miami sent them to TGI Tires (The Whole Saler). TGI said ATTURO denied my claim. I’m stuck with no money and no tires. All this process took 2 and a half months. I told TGI that I would call Help me Howard ( a segment on channel 7 that deals with this) His giggling reply was “Don’t worry, we got attorneys too” …. Will keep you posted…

  5. ******ATTURO TIRE WARNING******
    I wanted to reach out to the community and let you guys know about the experience that I had with Atturo. I purchased a set of wheels and tires from Custom Offsets. The wheels and tires came mounted and balanced and shipped on a pallet and delivered via 18 wheeler. I did the lift and installed them with no real issue. Got an alignment, and all was good. Drove them just under 10k miles and decided to get another alignment, tire rotation and balance. Took the truck to the local dealership, Alignment was dead on, but when they went to balance, they found 3 of the 4 tires were “out of round”. Basically explained it to me that 2 of them were really bad and the 3rd was in the “yellow”. Apparently by dumb luck, I put the 2 that were really bad on the rear, and that was why I didnt really feel it. When they rotated them to the front, it was apparent and was causing vibration in the steering wheel. The dealership said that the tires being out of round could not have been anything that I could have caused, or could have been a result of the suspension of the truck……simply a manufacture defect. They suggested that I reach out, and see if they would warranty them (likely a pro-rate). I called Custom Offsets, and they started that process. After about a week, they responded and said that the manufacture would not cover anything…….not even a pro-rate. They did offer to sell me any set of tires at “their cost”. I had them quote me a set of Nitto’s…….and with as many tires and wheels as they sell, I figured that I would get some kind of deal……instead, they quoted me MORE than what the local dealership was…..NOT including shipping. Just a heads up, be careful when you make your purchase……..I honestly really like the look of the Atturo tire and was pleasantly surprised to find that they were cheaper than the Nitto……but just pony up and buy a trusted brand….it will save you a bunch of headache, and a pocket full of money in the long run!

    1. Hello. Is it possible that your shocks were worn out? Most reviews I read on tires leave out this detail. New shocks should go on new tires or at least soon thereafter. Drive down the highway and watch trucks with bad shocks, they bounce a lot and unevenly wear out tires. If you aren’t sure on your own truck, have a passenger video your wheels with a phone and see what your performance is.

      Do you think this is possible in your experience? I would like to buy these tires, but I am doing a lot of research, thank you for your help.

    2. Hi I bought 4 months ago a set of tires from atturo I was driving on the highway when one of the back tire exploded, thanks God I had the chance to move to the right shoulder and called the police patrol and they send it to me the road rangers and came very fast. So I called Atturo customer service spoke with the Mark he is the responsible or in charge with the tires, so he send it to a tires shop to inspect the tire and the guy from the tire shop said is look like manufacturer problem, so we have send pictures to Mark and the response I got was I have drove on top a piece that have damaged my tire, and I said why is not happen to the front tire and he didn’t respond. So people anyway stay away from this fake company and spend little more money and get the good tires.

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