Super Swamper Tire Reviews

Interco Tires is an American brand based out of Louisiana. The company is known to offer a great range of tires for light trucks and all-terrain vehicles. The bulk of its tires are manufactured within the United States with only a select few outsourced from Asian manufacturers.

The company was founded in 1946, and since then has provided great quality truck tires at competitive prices for budget-conscious Americans. With over 70 years of experience manufacturing high-quality tires for both consumers and competition events, the brand has a great heritage, which informs their designs. Read through our Interco Tires reviews before you purchase a model for in-depth information.

Why buy Interco Tires?

  • A Great Range of Products

The brand manufactures truck tires such as the renowned Super Swamper series of heavy-duty truck tires that provide unparalleled performance on off-road surfaces. However, the brand does not exclusively manufacture tires for the truck market.

Apart from manufacturing tires for trailers and utility vehicles, the brand manufactures medium to large tires for agricultural and industrial vehicles. Furthermore, the brand creates a fantastic line of competition tires that include racing radials, slicks, and muscle car tires that are ideal for motocross and drag racing. Interested customers looking for capable tires should seriously consider a tire purchase from Interco.

  • Affordability

It is very difficult to expect to find a tire model that will offer features along with sturdy build quality at an affordable price.

Drivers looking for specialized tires must spend anywhere from $1200 to $4000 for a quality purchase, which will increase performance and last over thousands of miles. Interco offers drivers on a budget excellent performance enhancement along with American manufactured designs for reliable build quality.

Design Features

  • Handling

Specialty truck tires are driven by enthusiasts over surfaces which are not conducive. These surfaces do not offer any grip and tires must be specially designed to maintain traction. Interco seeks to deliver designs with features that allow its tires to stick to the surface for consistent mobility.

Interco’s Super Swamper tires are manufactured with the trademark three-stage lug tread design. This includes, long, short and intermediate lugs optimized to offer excellent gripping force as they move over tough or loose terrain. Our Interco Tires review of the Super Swamper M16 praised the excellent handling on off-road conditions provided by that tire.

  • Longevity

Truck tires will drive over sand, mud, gravel, and jagged rocks. With constant use on these road surfaces, there will always be debris buildup with the treads. The build-up damages the longevity of the tire that leads to tires not meeting mileage guarantees.

Interco’s previously stated patented lug design helps the tire self-clean ejecting sand, mud, or pebbles, for increased tread life. The brand already designs its tires with sturdy sidewalls and a high-ply internal construction, which means that the tire will run over thousands of miles without needing to be replaced.

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