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Bridgestone is deemed the greatest tire manufacturer on the planet, with over 181 production facilities in the world that enable it to churn out premium quality tires in succession.

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The Japanese tire giant is the largest tire manufacturer in the world with more than 88 years of experience in crafting the best tires. Bridgestone also acquired Firestone to expand into the American consumer market, in 1988. The company caters to its consumer market by designing multiple tire types with season-specific features, providing consumers mobility throughout the year.

Furthermore, Bridgestone has great experience and knowledge in relation to the motorsport industry, thanks to its participation in the world of motorsports, where high-performance racing produces data that can be used to improve tires for real-world application.

The various Bridgestone Tires reviews published on our website talk at length about the strengths and weakness of each tire, with a comprehensive look at their features.

Why Choose Bridgestone Tires?

  • Quality

Bridgestone manufactures its tires with an emphasis on delivering exceptional quality to the consumer. Necessary excellence can only be harnessed by using the best materials, along with production techniques that thoroughly test tires before they are launched.

Bridgestone tires are tested thoroughly in-house on what it dubs the “Ultimate Eye”; an in-door road test that is able to evaluate various metrics such as noise produced, gripping force, and tire stability. However, the results of this simulation are not deemed final, as tires are later tested on the company’s testing track to evaluate the driving comfort, and cornering ability of each design.

  • Covering All Bases

A consumer’s decision to purchase a tire is motivated by various factors. Some drivers may want a fuel-efficient tire, while others may want a high-performance race car tire.

The brand provides tires for the entire playing field by creating several tires specially designed for different purposes. The Ecopia series are fuel-efficient and masterfully crafted to have a lower rolling resistance. The Bridgestone Turanza; on the other hand, provides a comfortable drive and all-season capabilities.

Bridgestone’s Blizzak offering is meant for heavy snow conditions, allowing great winter traction. Potenza is the company’s performance series of tires, meant for high-end cars that require precise handling, great braking, and acceleration abilities.

With each of its series, Bridgestone caters to different needs, satisfying its various consumers groups. We have published Bridgestone Tires reviews that cover several models from each series of the brand.

  • A Leader in Technological Advancement

Many of the technological innovations that enjoy modern application and widespread utilization in tire designs were first developed and incorporated by the engineers at Bridgestone.

The brand has perfected run-flat technology that inflates a tire suffering from a puncture, allowing your vehicle to travel another 50 miles so that you aren’t left stranded on the side of the road. Other tires, such as those optimized for winter have grips and biting edges that provide necessary traction allowing drivers to maintain control in snow.

Furthermore, the integration of the asymmetrical tread pattern, with silica infused gel, makes the tires more fuel efficient and is another key innovation, which is now commonplace in the bulk of tires manufactured. Bridgestone is a frontrunner in cutting edge technology, and the catalyst for the generalization of these ideas.

Our Bridgestone Tires reviews provide an in-depth analysis of how each technology in a tire impacts its overall performance.

Design Features

  • Handling

Bridgestone improves vehicle maneuverability by designing tire features rich with technologies that increase the handling offered. This is maintained on each tire design, be it a summer high-performance tire or a winter tire.
The Bridgestone Potenza series is the manufacturer’s ultra-high-performance tire, with summer and all-season variants. The tire features a solid center with supporting stiff ribs to increase traction on roads as well as steering response. The added grooves provide the tire with a lateral grip when turning at high speeds.

Bridgestone’s winter tires are crafted to have independent tread blocks with multiple biting edges on each block, increasing the traction and response in snow.

  • Comfort

The entire range of tires designed by Bridgestone stress the importance of comfort and stability, those being the key features that a tire must offer.

Bridgestone tires are manufactured with Resonance Noise Attenuated grooves that reduce the acoustic noise buildup occurring naturally. The added shoulder grooves and ribbed design lead to a further reduction of noise, creating a pleasant driving experience.

The twin high tensile strength steel cables that make up the internal structure of the tire are reinforced by nylon wrapped around it. The sturdy construction provides stability at high speeds, which allows drivers to enjoy their ride.

  • Fuel Efficient

Bridgestone tires are designed with fuel-efficient properties, thanks to the specially designed tread compound they are manufactured with.

The Ecopia line of Bridgestone tires is produced with NanoPro-Tech, which decreases the amount of energy lost, and reduces the rolling resistance of the tire. Together these technologies create a fuel-efficient tire that provides necessary traction.

Bridgestone goes a step further to augment the tire by crafting specially designed sidewalls with their Fuel Saver compound, expanding the efficiency of the tire. Our Bridgestone Tires reviews of the Ecopia line speak at length about the cost savings you can achieve by utilizing these tires.

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Singapore Coastal Cleaning

Bridgestone employees based in Singapore collaborated together to create a more sustainable society by performing coastal cleaning. The volunteers removed waste bags, plastic, and rubber that is left behind by visitors. Such activities reduce the threat posed to marine life by toxic litter, and chemicals that are discarded.

Industry Recognition

  • Sustainability, Environment, Achievement and Leadership Awards (SEAL)

The Seal award recognizes organizations that have positively adopted sustainable practices. Bridgestone tires were awarded two different awards; Organization Impact and Environmental Initiatives.

The manufacturer’s commitment to meshing operations, coupled with helping the environment was considered for its Organizational Impact award. While it’s Tires4ward recycling program helps local communities utilize proper recycling methods for tires – helping clean up waterways and rivers, and was detrimental in Bridgestone winning the Environmental Initiatives award.

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