Bridgestone Battlax Adventure A41: Review & Rating

Bridgestone continues to maintain its tradition of innovating and manufacturing premium quality motorcycle tires. The diversity of their Battlax series cater s to the different areas of the biking world.

The Bridgestone Battlax A series is solely dedicated to Adventure motorcycles and their unique needs. Adventure motorcycles have seen a meteoric rise in their popularity as big industry heavy weights such as Honda and Yamaha focus on innovating and functionalizing such bikes.

Opposed to the sport or OTR bikes, Adventure bikes are also dubbed as dual-sport motorcycles due to their dual functionality on both types of roads; paved and unpaved. These bikes consist of stronger frames, larger fuel tanks and even luggage-storage for bikers who want to ride their motorcycle over long distances.

When one of the world’s biggest tire manufacturers, Bridgestone, ventured into the world of producing high-quality tires for the ADV motorcycle market, they started with the Battlax A40. With the A41, Bridgestone reveals the successor to the highly successful A 40 – with further quality upgrades and tire specifications that improve the experience further.

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Features and Characteristics

Bridgestone’s Battlax A41 is a specifically designed tire aimed at a highly-targeted demographic of ADV motorcycle users. Understanding the unique needs of ADV bikers, Bridgestone presents the Battlax A41 as the solution.

The A41 is constructed and designed with the integration of MSB (Mono-Spiral Belt Construction) technology along with a revised case construction to enhance ground contact, traction and stability when operating under higher speeds.The most significant upgrade that the Bridgestone Battlax A41 tire offers above the A40, is its superior grip and handling on wet or oily road surfaces.

Bridgestone’s Battlax A440 was a highly successful model, lauded for its mileage and durability.However, it did not give enough grip on wet or damp surfaces where riding a motorcycle can prove exceptionally risky. Due to the physics of their structures, bikes, especially heavier models such as Adventure bikes, pose a threat to the rider when driven over wet surfaces.

The Battlax A41 counters on the weakness of its predecessor with the help of a vastly improved compound used in the manufacturing of the tires. The Battlax A41 offers a triple layer compound technology – termed as 3LC –on the front and rear tires.

The improved compound design is further bolstered with a cap and base configuration which provides Adventure motorbike riders with added stability and control when turning their bikes on corners. With the beefier frames and heavier structures, ADV bikes need additional cornering stability as the risk of toppling over is higher when compared to riders who drive other types of motorbikes.

The A40 was lauded for its durability and increased tolerance to wear and tear, which ensured the tire remained functional for long; without requiring expensive maintenance. Bridgestone has ensured that the tolerance-to-wear trait remains consistent among the Battlax A series, which is seen in the A41’s long wear lifespan.

Bridgestone is committed to its role as a trustworthy pioneer in the tire market, and have backed-up production claims for the Battlax A41s by putting it to the test. The new A41s completed lap times comparatively faster on wet tracks with ADV bikes– reducing the time required to finish a lap by 8%. These tests demonstrated the superior wet track handling ability and added safety that the new A41s provide to ADV bikers.

In addition, the tire was designed to provide optimum traction and stability in low temperatures that frequent the North American region. When temperatures drop low, road surfaces tend to become hazardous for bikers.

Normal tires also experience a change in performance when the temperature drops, but the new Bridgestone Battlax A41 is designed to provide the same strengthened grip no matter the season.
The tread pattern design on the Bridgestone Battlax A41 has been upgraded to resist wet surfaces and provide the traction needed to propel your Adventure bike on the road, safely. The pattern is designed to enhance water drainage and block deformation. Tests reveal that Bridgestone Battlax A41 offers 9% higher friction on wet surfaces than rival products.

Another concern for ADV bikers is the tire’s contact patch with the ground. ADV bikes are legalized for the road, hence carry lights and mirrors as regulated by law. Coupled with popular custom additions such as a large tank, Adventure bikes’ tires require a larger area to spread pressure over without losing stability.

Bridgestone Battlax A41 has an increased contact patch – by a considerable 5%.This increases the traction, the contact area with the ground and stabilizes pressure by spreading it over a wider, more even area.

The front pattern is designed with an emphasis on water drainage and to maintain a balance between deformation and rigidity of the tire compound, which gives a distinct look. The SEA/Land ratio is increased at the shoulder area of the front tire, whereas the ratio has been decreased slightly at the center of the tire.

The rear pattern of the Bridgestone Battlax A41 is designed to provide maximum control at high speeds and enable water drainage. The rear pattern also has an increased SEA/LAND ratio at the shoulder area of the tire while the center remains unchanged, unlike the front. The groove pattern has also been adapted for maximum water drainage.

Key Benefits

• Highly Improved Water Drainage
• Block Rigidity
• Cornering Stability
• Mono-Spiral Belt Construction
• Increased Contact Patch
• Triple Layered 3LC Compound Package
• Wear Resistance
• Cap and Base Configuration
• Increased Traction


Bridgestone again provides evidence as to why it is the biggest tire manufacturer in the world with its newly revealed A41.

Specifically dedicated to the unique set of needs of Adventure bikes, the Bridgestone Battlax A41 provide bikers with a long-term tire solution with an emphasis on a long-lasting lifespan that requires little maintenance – without compromising on the superior grip it provides on wet surfaces and low temperatures.

The improved tread design and separate rear and front patterns are further proof of Bridgestone’s will to innovate and provide a smooth ride with the Bridgestone Battlax A41, for your ADV bike.

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5 thoughts on “Bridgestone Battlax Adventure A41: Review & Rating

  1. I have a set of A41’s that came with my 2018 CRF1000L, over 12000 KM and the tread depth is still good The front has lots of life left. The rear is starting to lose its round, not sure what you call that but flattening out in the center, but still lots of tread. Will probably replace it with another A41. I was thinking of going with a more dirt oriented tire but I find the AT to heavy for any real off roading compared to my KLR for this 62 year old geez.

  2. Recently bought 2019 BMW 1250 GS HP with OEM BattleAX A41F tires. Took bike on ride to Western NC doing 1600 miles over 6 days on very twisty roads. TIRE PERFORMED AWSOMELY!!!! One problem; used up 40% of the from tire and 45% of the rear tire. Seems like a excessive tire wear. Is the wear stated characteristic of this tire??? Thanks

    1. Hey Terrance, really happy to see you had a great experience with these tires. Although I don’t seem to
      understand why you faced an excessive tire wear. I have only come across good reviews regarding A41’s
      wear life. Maybe you should get it checked by a professional?

      1. Beemers always wear tires excessively. Not sure why-but that’s my experience. Especially fronts-
        ( telelever) dealer says that’s normal?????? Sold my beemer – too much maintenance costs including tires. Bridgestone are great- raced on them and had many street sets- all types.

        1. I have a 2018 Yamaha Tenere ES & am getting ready to put on my 3rd set of tires. 1st set was the OEM Bridgestone Battlax Adventure A41’s & I thought they were great – right at 10,000 & I thought they had another 1,000.. The 2nd set are Metzler Karoo 3’s as I wanted to do more off road & I also found them to be great – now at 6,500 & wearing good.. Now as I enter the 3rd set I was all set to put back on the Bridgestone’s as there was nothing wrong with them but the Michelin Anakee Adventure 80/20 has caught my eye. Any suggestions from anyone.

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