Bridgestone VSMS2: Review & Rating

The OTR V-Steel Smooth Tread Mine Service 2 (VSMS2) tire by Bridgestone is specifically engineered to operate in underground mining, landfill, as well as salvage environments. The product offers an improved treadwear life and cut resistance, which in turn reduces your operating costs. In fact, the Bridgestone Corporation is pioneering the field of off-the-road (OTR) tires since the 1960s. Today, the Tokyo-based company is supplying a full range of products across the globe for construction, highway service, port customers, and mining.

It’s pertinent to mention that the off-the-road category of tires uses deep tread to render more traction on uneven surfaces such as mud, sand, loose dirt, or gravel. Although they do not have any studs compared to snow or ice tires, OTR tires make up for it with broader and deeper grooves, which assist the tread on gravel or mud surfaces. Here, Bridgestone VSMS2 tire beats its competitors by delivering a 30% decrease in the intensity of sidewall cuts, which also improves the tire’s lifelong performance by 5%.

Earlier in August 2018, Bridgestone Americas, Inc. expanded its OTR product portfolio by launching a new 29.5R25 size of the Bridgestone VSMS2. The global manufacturer believes that the latest offering compliments their commitment to offering more trusted OTR productivity to their customers while lowering the total ownership cost of the tire. Moreover, these tires provide integrated technology that turns them into real-time data sources, thereby enhancing fleet production while minimizing your total cost per mile.

Today, Bridgestone is one of the three major tire manufacturers worldwide. The giant corporation manufactures and brands Bridgestone, Dayton, Firestone, and Fuzion tires, among many other associated brands. Furthermore, it supplies tires for the majority of applications in the U.S and is a pioneer in snow/winter tires.

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  • The unique sidewall shape lessens the sidewall cuts frequency by 30% and improves the lifecycle by 5%.
  • A deeper tread pattern – 120/32NDS & 132/32NDS – offers longer wear and safeguards in extreme operating environments.
  • The heavy-duty radial casing is engineered for extended tire life.
  • The product comes with a tread wear indicator, which enables easy visual recognition of the wear depth.


  • As of September 2018, industrial buyers haven’t accumulated much mileage to offer concrete cons of the VSMS2 tire.


The square shoulder design of V-Steel Smooth Tread Mine Service 2 tire thrusts objects aside, thereby guarding the side wall against damages and cuts. Moreover, the VSMS2 has more vertical sidewall shape compared to other OTR tires in the market, which reduces the damage probability by 30% and adds mileage to its total lifespan.

The 86 – 132/32NDS deep tread allows a more extended wear period and also protects in extreme operating environments. The VSMS2 comes equipped with a tread wear indicator displaying the depth of tire wear. Moreover, the optimal lug-angle accomplishes powerful traction for both drive-in/-out and tipping, while uniform groove depth secures exceptional traction across the functional life of the tire.

Technical Specifications

Size: 29.5R29

Tread Pattern Long: V-Steel Smooth Tread-MS 2

Tread Pattern/Type: VSMS2

Ply Rating/Star Rating: 2*

Compound: D2A

Industry Code/TRA: L5S

Average Weight (KG): 1111

Equipment Type: Dozer/Loader

Average Weight (LBS): 2,449

OTD (MM): 104.5

OTD (32ND): 132

Overall Diameter (MM): 2009

Overall Width (MM): 792

Available Tire Sizes

The Bridgestone VSMS2 tire is available in following sizes across the U.S. and Canada.

  • 17.5R25
  • 26.5R25
  • 29.5R25
  • 29.5R29

The Bridgestone V-Steel Smooth Tread Mine Service 2 tire complements the corporation’s Underground Hard Rock offering of solutions and products.


Every OTR tire carrying the name Firestone or Bridgestone, alongside the complete serial number brazed in the sidewall can be claimed for manufacturing defects. The warranty is applicable for a maximum period of 60 months from the manufacturing date. However, the Bridgestone VSMS2 warranty can only be claimed by the original purchaser and is not transferable to succeeding purchasers.

If an authorized examination reveals that any such OTR tire failed due to manufacturing defects, it will be repaired without any charge, or a credit will be forwarded toward the buying price of a replacement tire. The credit will be ascertained by using the lesser of the percentile of RTD% (remaining tread depth) and the maximum age-based credit.

Warranty Exclusions

  • VSMS2 tires purchased more than 5 years from the manufacturing date.
  • Tires for which secondary guarantees or warranties are negotiated.
  • A tire that has been used under chains.
  • Tire operating above its TMPH (ton-mile-per-hour) or TKPH (Tonne-kilometer-per hour) rating.
  • Tire modifications such as re-grooving, relugging, and added buttress shoulders) will void the warranty.
  • Damage resulting from the following:
    • Misuse
    • Improper mounting
    • Misapplication
    • Using non-approved rims
    • Improper inflation
    • Overloading
    • Running flat
    • Misalignment
    • Defective shock absorbers or brakes
    • Road hazards such as rock cuts, cut separations, punctures, impacts, and flex breaks.


Bridgestone knows that each job site mandates individual attention, which is why all its Off-the-Road (OTR) tires meet its stringent standards of innovation and engineering, and theV-Steel Smooth Tread Mine Service 2 (VSMS2) is no different. The industrial product offers premium cut resistance and sturdiness necessary for underground mining while rendering a remarkable level of traction and stability to fulfill the different heat-severity requirements of its customers.

Moreover, the VSMS2 model beats its competitors’ hands down by delivering a 30% decrease in the intensity of sidewall cuts, while simultaneously improving the tire’s lifelong productivity by 5%. Earlier in August 2018, the corporation expanded its OTR product portfolio by releasing a new 29.5R25 size of the VSMS2. The global manufacturer believes that the latest offering compliments its commitment to offering more trusted OTR productivity to their customers while lowering the total ownership cost of the tire.

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