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At its inception in 1962, the Taiwanese manufacturer produced bicycle tires, and continued in this industry until 2001 after which it added passenger car tires to its portfolio. Kenda manufactures a diverse product line, which includes tires for bicycles, motorcycles, ATVs, automobiles, trailers, and industrial equipment.

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The company has multiple factories situated in Taiwan, Vietnam, and China that output thousands of tires each year, making Kenda the 27th largest tire manufacturer in the world. Furthermore, the business sponsors various sports teams from around the world to maintain a global standing.

Our published Kenda Tire reviews have covered the range of tire models designed by the brand, which we have found to be reliable and affordable.

Why Buy Kenda?

  • Emphasis on Testing

Through the testing process, tire manufacturers are able to ascertain the complete performance measure of a tire. Before launching a new design, Kenda ensures it performs well above the benchmark set by its engineers, and competitor premium tires, in each category. After an intensive developmental process, tires undergo thorough tests on dry, wet, snow, and ice; encompassing a variety of performance factors. The results, when unfavorable, lead to the strengthening of the product, only after which they are launched.

  • Affordability

With a plethora of tire manufacturers present in the industry, drivers have several options to choose from when deciding which set of tires would complement their vehicles. Kenda operates prudently by differentiating themselves through price discrimination. The manufacturer’s tires in each category are priced slightly lower than those of competitors. Kenda Vezda UHP is similar to the Pirelli P Zero All Season, but about $30-$40 cheaper, further proving the brand remains true on delivering premium quality at an economical price.

Design Features

  • Handling

Handling is an important driving trait which must be greatly enhanced. This allows safety through optimum control and driving capability, as the vehicle operates around bends and turns. A brand’s ultra-high performance (UHP) tires are masterfully designed with the objective of providing the best handling potential out of its entire product catalog.

Correspondently, The Kenda Kaizer, its UHP tire, is designed with a V-shaped tread pattern, allowing drivers to corner at high speeds with a responsive steering control system on straight roads. Additionally, the tread compound has been specially molded to improve the stability of the vehicle, and provide a smooth ride with an impressive grip on dry and wet surfaces.

  • Fuel Saver

Fuel expenses are a major percentage of a car owner’s monthly expenditure, and reducing costs through effective means is an enticing benefit.

The Kenda Vezda Eco is the manufacturer’s eco-friendly model. It is designed to perform on par with standard touring tires while reducing fuel consumption, and in turn, expenses. An advanced silica-infused tread compound decreases the tires rolling resistance, as well as the amount of CO2 emitted. This creates an affordable design, which further reduces expenditure, and shrinks your personal carbon footprint.

Kenda Tires

High-Performance All-Season

Kenda Vezda UHP A/S

Standard All-Season

Kenda Kenetica KR17

Touring All-Season

Kenda Vezda Touring A/S KR205


Light Truck / SUV /Crossover

Kenda Klever AT KR28

Kenda Klever LT A/P

Kenda Klever MT KR29

Kenda Klever R/T KR601