Toyo Open Country R/T Tire Review & Rating

The Toyo Open Country R/T sports an aggressive and rugged design that is not only good-looking, but is also built to provide the traction and performance required for all types of trucks, SUV’s, jeeps and other 4×4’s. This new Toyo R/T (Rugged Terrain) fits in between the A/T and widely popular M/T in the company’s tire lineup and is created to perform very well in off-road conditions, while delivering solid on-road drivability without the noise you find on the M/T.

Offering a 3-ply construction and a more durable cut and chip resistant tread compound, the Toyo Open Country R/T is designed to give you increased durability, traction, handling and grip when you’re driving on the road or you’re navigating through difficult off-road terrains.

Toyo Open Country R/T Tire Review

Traction and grip when driving off-road is enhanced even more through scalloped shoulder blocks that are a key feature of these hybrid tires. It does a very good job of self-cleaning and ridding itself of stones, mud and other debris, which can be an issue when using inferior off-road tires.

As well as having an aggressive appearance, the Open Country R/T adds a touch of class to a rig thanks to its unique tread pattern and dual sidewall design. Noise is less of an issue compared to M/T tires and reviewers of this tire have found that you get a smooth and comfortable ride when you travel on the road or off the beaten track.

Toyo Open Country R/T tires come in a range of 15-22 inch LT and flotation sizes with load ranges of C, D, E and few F rated sizes. A 45K mile treadwear warranty is also included with this tire.


  • Attractive tread design
  • Excellent off-road traction in all types of terrain
  • Surprisingly quiet and comfortable ride compared to the M/T’s
  • Treadwear and 45K mile warranty


  • Handling and braking in wet, snow and icy conditions could be better

Overall Thoughts

The Toyo Open Country R/T is billed as a rugged terrain tire that combines the positive aspects of both M/T and A/T tires. It’s aggressive tread pattern gives it the durability and traction required in off-road driving situations and it also provides a smooth, comfortable and quiet ride when you’re traveling on the road.

A large number of owners of Toyo Open Country R/T tires have found that the tread on these tires wears evenly and they are extremely difficult to puncture, even when they are penetrated by sharp items thanks in part to the 3-plies and cut and chip resistant compound Toyo uses.

Expect to find superior traction, handling and grip in different off-road terrains as this tire copes well with rocks, mud, gravel, sand and other debris just as effectively as the Open Country M/T tire. On the road, these R/T tires are just as capable as A/T tires and give light truck, SUV and other 4×4 owners a surprisingly smooth and quiet ride. This has been mentioned by an overwhelming number of other owners as well.

On the negative side, we would like to see Toyo sipe these tires for increased grip on wet pavement. Although not bad by any stretch, they lack the extra traction that sipes would provide. This really comes into play on hard-packed snow and ice as braking and acceleration is a bit less than on several top hybrid competitor tires. Our suggestion would be to have them siped at the store. It’s inexpensive and you’ll be pleased with the results.

Overall, the Toyo Open Country R/T ranks among the best in class for a hybrid style tire. Most other 4×4 owners agree saying that this model delivers the same type of performance off the trail as the M/T tire provides, while on-road driving is equal to that of the A/T tire. It’s a combination that works quite well for this tire.

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Open Country R/T Fit?

(This is not a complete list of ALL vehicles this tire will fit)

  • Chevrolet Silverado, Avalanche, S10, Suburban, K2500, Colorado, Blazer
  • Dodge Ram, Dakota, Durango
  • Ford Expedition, Ranger, Bronco, F-150, Explorer
  • GMC Yukon, Sierra, Canyon, Jimmy
  • Honda Element, CR-V, Ridgeline
  • Hummer H3
  • Isuzu Trooper, Rodeo
  • Jeep Wrangler, Grand Cherokee, Liberty
  • Land Rover Defender
  • Mazda B4000
  • Mercury Mountaineer
  • Mitsubishi Montero
  • Nissan Titan, Xterra, Frontier, Pathfinder
  • Suzuki Equator
  • Toyota Tacoma, Tundra, FJ Cruiser, Sequoia, Land Cruiser, Highlander

Tire Sizes


31X10.50R15LT 109Q C BSW


LT265/75R16 123/120Q E BSW
LT285/75R16 126/123Q E BSW
LT305/70R16 124/121Q E BSW


LT255/80R17 121/118Q E BSW
LT285/70R17 121/118Q E BSW
LT295/70R17 121/118Q E BSW
35X12.50R17LT 121Q E BSW
37X12.50R17LT 124Q D BSW
37X13.50R17LT 121Q D BSW


LT275/70R18 125/122Q E BSW
LT285/60R18 122/119Q E BSW
LT285/65R18 125/122Q E BSW
LT285/75R18 129/126Q E BSW
33X12.50R18LT 118Q E BSW
35X12.50R18LT 123Q E BSW
37X13.50R18LT 124Q D BSW


LT275/65R20 126/123Q E BSW
LT285/55R20 122/119Q E BSW
LT305/55R20 121/118Q E BSW
LT305/55R20 125/122Q F BSW
33X12.50R20LT 114Q E BSW
35X12.50R20LT 121Q E BSW
35X12.50R20LT 125Q F BSW
35X13.50R20LT 121Q E BSW
37X12.50R20LT 126Q E BSW
37X13.50R20LT 127Q E BSW


35X12.50R22LT 117Q E BSW
37X12.50R22LT 123Q E BSW
37X13.50R22LT 123Q E BSW

Price Range

Toyo Open Country R/T prices range from approximately $287 and up. You may also find occasional rebates, discount prices, coupons and special offers on this tire.

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Toyo provides a 45,000 mile tread warranty on the Open Country R/T. Tire uniformity is guaranteed for the first 1/32 inch of wear.

Materials and workmanship are warranted for 5 years and include free replacement for the first 25% of wear. A prorated amount is given for the remaining time period or down to the final 2/32 inch of tread depth.

Toyo also includes their No Regrets 45-day, 500 mile trial guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the tires you may refund or replace them with another model.

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  1. Toyo will not honor their tire warranty even when presented with documented Roadforce Touch data showing the tire was out of round, had excess lateral movement and could not be properly balanced.

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